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June/July 2000

Muscle Media Magazine went through transformations in 1999, coming out with only a few issues. The year 2000 is starting of with Bill Phillips asking to begin a new era with not only a dynamic and comtemporary new look, but also a renewed focus on helping the reader succeed in their efforts to look and feel great. The magazine is owned by Bill Phillips, who also owns EAS. The magazine focus on information on training and nutrition. Muscle Media is an interesting magazine to read, mostly geared for beginning people who want to get into shape. On the cover is Amy and Gary Arbuckle.

June/July 2000 - Table of Contents
Issue #78


  • Focused on Fitness
    What's a picture worth? For Amy and Gary Arbuckle, fat lost, muscle gained, and a newfound devotion to helping others.

  • Claiming Victory Over Bad Eating
    6 surefire strategies for improbed health, energy and results.

  • Rushing to Meet New Challenges
    Former NFL running back Merrill Hoge finds inspiration in the Body for Life Challenge.

  • Meet the Canadian Champions
    Get inspired by our 1999 Canadian Transformation Challenge Champions.

  • Attitude Adjustment
    Think your way to success.

  • Have Gym Bag, Will Travel
    The high points of training on the road.

  • Just What the Doctor Ordered
    Dr. Jeffry Life, M.D., Ph.D., did not learn everything in Med School, so he went back for his Masters in Body for Life.

  • The Power of Perseverance
    One of the best kept secrets is the willingness to do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.


  • As I See It
    How to create your power mindset?

  • Word of Mouth
    Letters from people who care.

  • Be Our Guest
    Connect with people like you.

  • Clear Cut Q&A
    Clarify your path to success.

  • Tom's Tips
    Success strategies for your Body for Life.

  • Ask Dr. Life
    Answers about living fit.

  • Success Coach
    How to develop a chest to impress.

  • Inspiration
    Reach down and lift others up.

  • Authorized Recipes
    Sensational summer grilling.

  • Research Update
    Gaining strength through science.

  • Your Word
    Reader's share their opinions on building their Bodies for Life.

  • Freeman's Word
    Favorite famous quotes.


  • Feel the Force
    Revolutionary, new way to boost workout intensity, increase energy and maximize exercise performance.