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March 2002

Muscle Media Magazine, with its new team, is again focusing on making a magazine that inspires people. The magazine focus on information on training and nutrition. Muscle Media is an interesting magazine to read, mostly geared for beginning people who want to get into shape. On the cover is Angela Mason and Roger Applewhite.

March 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #96


  • Up Front
    by David Kennedy

  • Letters

  • Insider
    The best and worst of Muscle Media


  • The Sacred Ground
    The hoeroes of New York

  • Focus FYI
    Visualize and see the difference

  • Focus Q&A
    How to create time and energy


  • Power House
    Home Gym

  • Hop, Skip and a Jump
    Take your cardio to the next level.

  • The Crunch
    Digitally remastered

  • Body Mechanics
    Chisel the perfect chest

  • Strength FYI
    Push yourself and build muscle

  • Strength Q&A
    How to increase your max bench


  • Carb Paranoia
    The truth behind carbohydrates

  • Aspartame
    An Expert Opinion

  • A Passion for Poultry
    Make poultry an essential part of your healthy nutrition

  • Nutrition FYI
    Nutrition: Past and present

  • Nutrition Q&A
    Answers to a health life and future


  • Supplements Then & Now
    A 10 year Recap

  • Fuel FYI
    Creatine Scam Revealed

  • Fuel Q&A
    The low down on supplements: What works and what does not

  • Freeman's Word