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Summer 2002

Muscle Media Magazine, with its new team, is again focusing on making a magazine that inspires people. The magazine focus on information on training and nutrition. Muscle Media is an interesting magazine to read, mostly geared for beginning people who want to get into shape. This is a special issue called Training Guide, giving you a complete total training guide. On the cover is Strength Specialist Dr. Clay Hyght, and Fitness Coach Michelle Hyght.

Summer 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #Training


  • Up Front
    In the end, it's all you! By David Kennedy, Editor in Chief of Muscle Media. Contributing writers of this issue include Dr. Jeffry Life, Pavel Tsatsouline, Brett Hall, and Dr. Clay Hyght.

  • Preface
    Prepare to success, including Measure Results Fast, Don't be A Fool, Think Big, Honestly See Yourself, Get Focused, Attack Fear, Decide Exactly What You Want, Reprogram Your Operating System, Don't Rely On Trial And Error and Take Action.

  • Muscle Anatomy
    Charts showing where all the muscles in the body are, from the front and the rear.

  • Chest
    With strong chest muscles, we send a message to the world that we are confident and competent. How to develop a chest to impress. Including Barbell Bench Press, Dumbbell Flyes, Incline Dumbbell Bench Presses, and Incline Bench Presses. Also a chest Q&A.

  • Back
    Too many folks these days haven't the foggiest idea what a quality back workout is all about. How to build a back that gets noticed. The back workout includes uses One-Arm Dumbbell Rows; Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns; One Arm Cable Rows; and Rear Delt Flyes.

  • Shoulders
    How to build broad, strong shoulders. Unfortunately, we're not all blessed with the wide shoulder structure that's so aesthetically pleasing. The shoulder workout includes working with Overhead dumbbell presses; Lateral Raises; Front Raises; and Incline Side Raises.

  • Arms
    How to build great bis and tris. You need arms strength to push, pull and lift, movements we all perform throughout the day. There are two sections here, the Triceps Workout, and the Biceps Workouts. The triceps workout includes working with Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extensions; Close Grip Bench Presses, and Reverse Triceps Cable Pushdowns. Te Biceps Workout includes working with Seated Dumbbell Curls; Iso Curls, and Preacher Curls. Each section also includes a Q&A area.

  • Legs
    How to build legs that stand out in a crowd. Why is there such a prevailing, downright aversion to training legs? The leg workout includes working with Front Squats, Smith Machine Lunches, Leg Presses, Leg Extensions, Hamstring Curls, Seated Calf Raises, and Standing Smith Machine Calf Raises.

  • Abs
    How to build a rock solid belly? One of the keys to building a six pack stomach is to lose body fat. The Ab Workout includes Floor crunches, Cable crunches, Decline Board Twisting Sit Ups and Reverse Crunches.

  • Cardio
    The ultimate fat fighting, fitness promoting cardiovascular workouts. Warning, the following programs in here are extremely vigorous and may be hazardous to stored adipose tissue. Including why Slow Cardio Must Go; and various workouts.

  • Fuel
    What would a Total Training Guide be without a kick ass nutrition and supplementation plan? We have personalized plans for muscle gain and fat loss. Including nutritional strategies, and supplementation strategies.

  • Behind the Scenes
    This special Total Training Guide edition of Muscle Media is a compilation of everything the editors of Muscle Media have learned from countless hours of scientific research, personal experience and the experiences of thousands of people in the real world.

  • Expert Opinion
    Did you like this issue? Then tell us!

  • Glossary of Terms
    A number of complex words and scientific terms are used in this special Training Guide edition of Muscle Media. Here is a quick review.