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Summer 2001

Ms. Fitness Magazine is a magazine for today's active women, with a fitness lifestyle. It provides information and coverage on the Ms. Fitness contests around the globe. It also provides info on nutrition, training, profiles on people, and other articles and pictures on up and coming fitness contestants. This magazine is the official magazine of Wally Boyko's Ms. Fitness contests. On the cover is the Ms. Fitness USA Finalist Brigette Newel with her family; husband Ric with daughters Ashley, Tiffany, Nikki and Kristen.

Summer 2001 - Table of Contents


  • Baby Fat Blues
  • Stacy Rae's Pregnancy and Workout Experience
  • Yoga Momma
  • Exercise, Protein and Iron - How much do you Need?
  • There's a new reason for Eating Raisins
  • Tips from the Top: Cable Lateral Raises
  • Nutrition Q&A
  • Ms. Fitness USA and Ms. Fitness World to be held at the Rio Hotel
  • SaMe: An Exciting New Dietary Supplement
  • Quick Tip: Become an Ab Expert
  • Training at Home
  • Moms in Training

  • Ask Tony Little: Stress Eliminators; Treating Soreness and Muscle Pulls; Low Blood Pressure
  • Hart to Heart: Motivation, Measurement, Inspiration
  • Trendwatch: HPP Tapes
  • Ms. Fitness Pantry:
  • Success Story: Sunny Griffin


  • Subscription Information
  • Letter from the Editor
  • Did You Know? Osteoporosis.
  • Contest Calendar
  • Triangle: Beginning Swimming
  • Foreign News: Finland - Ms. Fitness was Here
  • Bits 'n' Pieces:
  • Lean Motion Spreads the Word
  • What's New?
  • What's New Books?
  • Classified