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Fall 2001

Ms. Fitness Magazine is a magazine for today's active women, with a fitness lifestyle. It provides information and coverage on the Ms. Fitness contests around the globe. It also provides info on nutrition, training, profiles on people, and other articles and pictures on up and coming fitness contestants. This magazine is the official magazine of Wally Boyko's Ms. Fitness contests. On the cover is Summer Alice

Fall 2001 - Table of Contents


  • Summer Alice: The 'Go-To' Girl
    Summer Altice knows the value of working out and the benefits of a strong training routine - whether she is on the volleyball court, modeling the latest swimwear or appearing in full length feature films and commercials.

  • Diet Step 20/20 Grams/Minutes
    Ths is the first medical formulated diet and fitness plan for women of all ages, all body builds and all levels of physical fitness.

  • Fitness On The Go
    Looking for a great getaway that does not cost an arm and a leg?

  • Mirror Image Mermaids
    Andria and Natalie Montgomery have conquered the fitness world with matching Ms. Fitness World and Ms. Fitness USA titles. Now, the adventurous pair are conquering a new world - the underwater world.

  • Your Top 5 Fitness Questions Answered
    The millennium may have changed, but America's top fitness questions have not. At least that is what came across during the American Council on Exercises's (ACEs) fifth annual Fitness n Call hotline.

  • Quick Tips
    The Staples of Shoulder Workouts

  • Fall Cycling Tips
    Fitness and Cycling Tips from the HP Women's Challenge.

  • Make Your Fitness Routine Standout
    Fitness competitions today are more and more competitive. It is not enough just to be able to do a one arm pushup and or sraddle hold anymore - it is with how much style you can do it.

  • Plyometric Training
    Fitness Routine Conditioning.

  • Inside the World of Triple A Fitness
    Something for Everyone.

  • The Eyes Have it
    Ever wonder what's behind the wearing of sunglasses by movie stars at night?

  • Come Stay and Play at the Rio
    20th annual National Fitness Trade Show News

  • Travel Tips

  • Fun Fitness Tips

  • Stress and Your Immune System
    We are all faced with choices about what to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, when to exercise, how to supplement, when to supplement, which supplements to choose. The choices go on and on.


  • Ask Tony Little
    Confused by scale weight that dies not budge in spite of your training? Don't like yourself naked? Want more grace and balance in your routines? I have got the answers, and more.

  • Trendwatch
    Perfect Balance: New spin on Yoga for a Yin-Yang workout.

  • Hart to Heart
    Darby Hart answers questions.

  • Stay Youthful
    Questions answered by Ms. Youthful

  • Ms. Fitness Pantry
    Grilling the perfect Pork Loin Roast.

  • Success Stories
    Featuring Erica Lee, Basia Gentry, Katherine Mardesich, Teresa Anderson.


  • Subscription Information

  • Letter from the Editor
    By Greta Blackie. How can I get motivated again after all this time?

  • Bits N Pieces
    Referred Pain: Is this why my back hurts?

  • Did You Know
    Facts that are complied by Dr. Howard Shapiro, a specialist in weight control and life management.

  • Contest Calendar
    Ms. Fitness Contest Calendar.

  • What's New?
    Items that you may be interested in.

  • What's New?
    Books! Why do Fools fall in Love?, Bald in the Land of Big Hair, Amazing Arms, the Joslin Diabetes Healthy Carbohydrate Cookbook, and more…

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