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Winter 2001

Ms. Fitness Magazine is a magazine for today's active women, with a fitness lifestyle. It provides information and coverage on the Ms. Fitness contests around the globe. It also provides info on nutrition, training, profiles on people, and other articles and pictures on up and coming fitness contestants. This magazine is the official magazine of Wally Boyko's Ms. Fitness contests. On the cover is the cast of 'Go For It'.

Winter 2001 - Table of Contents


  • Go For IT TV. The Real Challenge
  • How to Improve Your Vertical Jump
  • Weight Training for Women
  • What You Don't Know About Supplements Can Hurt You!
  • Ski Conditioning: Six Weeks to Conquer the Peaks
  • Quick Tips: Leg Extensions
  • Kickboxing - Let's Get Wet!
  • Fitness Routine Conditioning - Strength Moves
  • Image Building
  • Abs Workout with Frederique Van Der Wal
  • Office Fitness: How to Have a Healthy Happier Workplace
  • FitCamp
  • The Evolution of Better Idea

  • Ask Tony Little: Holiday Weight Gain, Stress, and 9-5 Doldrums.
  • Trendwatch: Tai Chai
  • Soapbox: Women and Smoking
  • Lookout: Mother
  • Hart to Heart: Protein, Moderling, Craving
  • Spice of the Life: The Fork in the Road
  • Ms. Fitness Pantry: Grassland Beef; Sugar Free Pumpking Pie Filling; Talking Turkey; Flaxseed
  • Success Stories: Various stories incuding Cheryl Borg; Denise White; Sandra McCallum; Bliase Supler; Cathy Tibbets; Penny Petry; Queenie Longley; Christine Galam


  • Subscription Information
  • Letter from the Editor
  • Did You Know?
  • Contest Calendar
  • Foreign News: Ms. Fitness Canada 2001
  • Bits 'n' Pieces: Free Prescription, Meditations; Cyclic Exercise; Breast Cancer Site; Total Gym; Flaxseed; Hpelessness; Blood Pressure; Smoking Campaign; Back Pain.
  • What's New? Special Holiday Gift Giving Guide
  • Classified