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Summer 2002

Ms. Fitness Magazine is a magazine for today's active women, with a fitness lifestyle. It provides information and coverage on the Ms. Fitness contests around the globe. It also provides info on nutrition, training, profiles on people, and other articles and pictures on up and coming fitness contestants. This magazine is the official magazine of Wally Boyko's Ms. Fitness contests. On the cover is Denise Austin.

Summer 2002 - Table of Contents


  • Denise Austin - American's Favorite Fitness Expert
    Fitness has always been a part of Denise's life, for over 20 years!

  • The Perfect Workout? It's in the Bag
    Here is a new thought. Your gym bag can do more for your workout than just carry your stuff from here to there.

  • Body Fat Testing: What's Old, What's New, What Works
    Including what is body composition; How does the BOD POD measure body composition; and why is it important to know your body composition.

  • Alternatives & Advice: Leaky Gut Syndrome
    What is leaky gut syndrome. It is a term for a gut inflammation condition.

  • Quick Tips: Alternating Bicep Curls
    It's never too soon to start creating definition and muscle tone for those summer tanks and tees.

  • Strong & Beautiful: Modeling 101
    Here is a crash course to help you get started and stay motivated.

  • The Fun Side of Fitness
    My favorite workout, by Ann Anderson.

  • The Stress Fat Connection
    With no warning and at the conclusion of one phone call, Tara's on top of the world attitude and life was instantly changed.

  • Are You Using the Right Protein
    The latest research suggests that a whey protein supplement containing either egg and/or casein fully supports the muscle building process after it is ingested.

  • Aerobic Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction
    The following are common myths that have somehow been taken as gospel by the general public.

  • Flip for Fitness
    Turning Your Workout Upside Down

  • Push Pull Training
    Sometimes dding some spice to your weight training program can become a chore. You gt stuck in your regular routine and run out of new ideas.

  • Maui Fit Camp
    Aloha from Paradise.

  • So You Want To Compete
    You have never entered a fitness competition, but you saw one on television and thought 'I can do that'. The following is to help the first time competitor get started.

  • 5 Steps to A Healthy, Happy New You
    You can change the direction of your life!

  • High Tech Fitness & Beauty
    Lip Augmentation; and Sonic Liposuction


  • Ask Tony Little
    Yo-yo Syndrome, cruise diet, stress buster, muscle injury.

  • Hart to Heart
    Fats, muscle fiber types, supplements. By Darby Hart.

  • Competitors Chat with Forrest Avery
    Amy Livingston, Ms. Fitness Great Lakes.

  • Christopher's Corner
    International Grand Finals Championships

  • Success Story
    Cathy Langson, Lisa Vasquez, Linda Ongley, Kim Seeley, Amy Gibson

  • Ms. Fitness Pantry
    Lomo De Cerdo, Saffron infused sea bass.

  • Heartbeat
    Seared Halibut with Asparagus and Potato Horseradish Sauce.


  • Letter from the Editor
    The fitness world has turned a corner and the latest trends (Yoga and Pilates) are about taking more complete care of ourselves. By Greta Blackburn.

  • Subscription Information

  • Bits 'N' Pieces
    Including Papering with Powder, Super Soy, CLA, and more.

  • Did You Know
    Snacking throughout the day is a healthy habit because it fuels the metabolism and maximizes energy all day long.

  • Contest Calendar
    Upcoming M. Fitness contests

  • What's New
    New sports drinks creted for diabetics, dieters and health conscious consumers.