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January 2001

Muscle & Fitness is considered to be the best of the non-hardcore bodybuilding magazines. It contains lots of information about the principles of fitness & bodybuilding. Each monthly magazine usually contains information about weight training, nutrition, training, bodybuilding and many other topics that are current in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Muscle & Fitness is more of a mainstream bodybuilding magazine, which has excellent articles and pictures. On the cover is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

January 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 62, Number 1

Special Bonus

  • Laminated Workout Log & Beginner's Exercise Routine
    Keep track of all your body part workouts with our handy seven day log. Write directly on it with a dry erase marker, or make copies to track a year's worth of training. Perfect for both the beginning bodybuilder and gym veteran!
Superfeature: Ready, Set, Grow

  • M&F Complete Guide to Beginning Bodybuilding
    The 12 week program provides everything you need to start transforming your physique. You'll be ready to bare your body at the beach after this!

  • Big Selection
    What makes a good gym for your iron endeavors?

  • Getting Personal
    Let M&F guide your way to a personal trainer who will make the journey to your fitness goals not only productive but enjoyable.

  • Menu for Muscle
    A buff physique is not created by training alone; here you will learn the secrets of healthy, muscle building nutrition.

  • Mars and Venus in the Gym
    Sure, men and women are different, but are there any real reasons why women should traing differently than men?

  • Training Logic
    Starting a weight training program brings up lots of questions: How should you train? How many sets and reps should you do, and why? We have the answers.

  • Mind in Bodybuilding: Driving Force
    Building your body is not jus a physical endeavor. Get your head in the game with these eight strategies to help you see results.


  • Gun Show
    If your biceps training is missing the mark, take aim with Night of Champions winner Jay Cutler's rapid fire workout.

  • Row To Grow
    Want a muscular, strong back? We provide a comprehensive rundown of all your rowing options, including dembbell, barbell and machine moves.

  • Libby's Legs
    East Coast fitness competitor Libby Street has burst on the scene with a 'go for broke' attitude and a pair of awe inspiring thighs.

  • Pecs Specs
    Amateur bodybuilder and strength coach Jim Romagna sculpts a chest with lines and symmetry so classical, it might just belong in the Lovre.

  • Air Conditioned
    This high flying program is a slam dunk to take your vertical jump higher.


  • The 6th Day
    Two Arnold Schwarzeneggers? Is the world big enough for both? We find out in Arnold's latest sci-fi adventure, "The 6th Day."

  • Surviving the Holidays
    How to stay in shape during the most hectic time of year.

  • The Cold War
    Stuffy nose, fever, aches… don't let winter ills derail your training. Lern what to do when you are stricken, and how to avoid getting sick in the first place.

  • A Big World
    IFBB President Ben Weider successfully navigates another steppingstone to bring bodybuilding to the Olympic world stage.

  • The Original Diva
    Rachel McLish, the very first Ms. Olympia, offers revealing comments about the sport that made her a star, as well as some timeless beauty and fitness secrets.

  • Sports Research Update
    Optimizing strength


  • M&F Roundtable: The Hard Way
    Three bodybuilders - Dexter Jackson, Dave Hughes and Joe Pacello, and fitness competitor Kelly Ryan share their strategies for losing fat and bring out that hard earned muscle.

  • The Temptations
    Holiday meals don't have to be a diet train wreck. Here's a healthy twist on some festive favorites.


  • Editorial
    The Real Issue by Joe Weider

  • Perspective
    Get Busy by Tom Deters

  • Feedback

  • Success Stories
    Taking Charge

  • Hardwired
    Digital Buzz

  • Hotline

  • Training Notebook
    • Standing Overhead Press
    • Kinesiology

  • Body by Betty
    Read to Blow

  • Ask Arnold
    Hams and Legs

  • Lab Notes
    Creatine, Carb and Protein

  • Nutrition Journal
    Indigestion Questions?

  • Muscle Fare
    Get Keen on Beans

  • Get it Right
    Straight Leg Kickback

  • One Minute Lesson
    Incline and Decline

  • Vitamin Corner
    The Irony of Iron