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February 2001

Muscle & Fitness is considered to be the best of the non-hardcore bodybuilding magazines. It contains lots of information about the principles of fitness & bodybuilding. Each monthly magazine usually contains information about weight training, nutrition, training, bodybuilding and many other topics that are current in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Muscle & Fitness is more of a mainstream bodybuilding magazine, which has excellent articles and pictures. On the cover is Kristia Knowles and Frank Sepe.

February 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 62, Number 2

Special Bonus

  • 2001 Muscle & Fitness Calendar
    Heaped with hardbodies, here's 12 months of fitness inspiration for your muscle building efforts. Stunning photos and a unique exercise for you to try each month make this calendar a keeper!
Superfeature: Training Blowout

  • Get Growing
    Begin your journey to a massive physique with Jay Cutler.

  • Mass Attack
    Supersize your physique with Mr. O Ronnie Coleman

  • Get Shredded
    Milos Sarcev's lean routine will cut you to the bone.

  • Crunch Time
    Sculpt your six pack with Monica Brant's ab workout.

  • Powerful Pecs
    Build a bigger, stronger chest with Gunter Schlierkamp

  • Bolder Shoulders
    Nasser El Sonbaty's hardcore approach to training delts and traps.

  • Back To Work
    Aaron Maddron's wider is better approach to lat training

  • Arm Yourself
    Darrem Charles' can't miss workout for smoking guns.

  • Titanic Triceps
    Forge arms of iron with Shawn Ray's workout

  • Ferocious Forearms
    Get a grip with Lee Priest's cuff busting routine

  • Work Your Butt Off
    DJ Wallis provides the perfect prescription for a shapely rear.

  • Quadradical
    Eddie Robinson elevated leg training to a new level of pain.

  • Hamstring Helper
    Beef up the back of your thighs with Kevin Levrone's routine.

  • Raising Calves
    Mike Matarazzo beefs p with this no bull routine.

  • Fast Lane
    Get fit quick with our 45 minute lunchtime workout.

  • Muscle Phys 101
    The science behind muscle growth and strength gains.

  • Girl Power
    Cory Everson shows how the classics can improve strength

  • Power Surge
    The nuts and bolts of training for strength.

  • Sports Center
    Become a better athlete through weight training

  • Restoration Hardbody
    How to return to training (and gaining) after a layoff.

  • Growth Principles
    Maximize your training with these 29 Weider Principles.

  • Pressing Matters
    Boost your bench with legendary strongman Ed Coan

  • Strategize for Size
    Use these tactics to get the most out of your workout.

  • Coming Unglued
    Here's how to break out of a rut and keep growing.

  • Exercise Errors
    Kelly Ryan's straight talk on common training blunders.


  • Capped Out
    Bodybuilding pro Jason Arntz trains his delts with a vengeance; here he shows how to turn your shoulders into boulders.

  • Pectoralis Majorova
    Fitness superstar Timea Majorova shows how to sculpt a divine chest.

Olympia Report

  • Blue Streak
    Ronnie Coleman makes it an Olympia three-peat in Las Vegas, despite a rousing performance by Kevin Levrone.

  • Curry Hits The Jackpot
    Susie Curry plays her cards right and snags her first Fitness Olympia crown.

  • International Excellence
    With their victories, Ukraine's Valentina Chepiga and England's Andrulla Blachette make the Ms. Olympia a truly international event.

  • Mandalay Dreams
    The 2000 Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas was a celebration of all things bodybuilding.


  • Speedy Recovery
    Here's what supplements to use to come back strong after a tough workout.

  • Sports Research Update
    Half the Battle


  • M&F Rountable: Gaining Mass
    Bodybuilders Flex Wheeler, Milos Sarcev and Mark Dugdale let you in on the secrets to building mountains of lean mass.

  • 30 Days To Leave Your Blubber
    Does implementing a bodybuilding diet sound like too much work? Try this simple to use nutrition makeover to improve your eating habits one day at a time.


  • Editorial
    Bodybuilding to the Rescue by Joe Weider

  • Perspective
    More Than Ever by Tom Deters

  • Feedback

  • Success Stories
    My Wake Up Call

  • Hardwired
    Digital Buzz

  • Hotline

  • Training Notebook
    • Hanging Leg Riase
    • Kinesiology
    • Advanced Training with Mr. Olympia

  • Body by Betty
    Burn It, Baby

  • Ask Arnold
    In Search of Size

  • Lab Notes
    HMB Revisited

  • Nutrition Journal
    Dressing for Success

  • Muscle Fare
    Roll Up This Italian Treat

  • Get It Right
    Shoulder Scaption

  • One Minute Lesson
    The Formula for Success

  • Vitamin Corner
    To B or not to B