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June 2002

Muscle & Fitness is considered to be the best of the non-hardcore bodybuilding magazines. It contains lots of information about the principles of fitness & bodybuilding. Each monthly magazine usually contains information about weight training, nutrition, training, bodybuilding and many other topics that are current in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Muscle & Fitness is more of a mainstream bodybuilding magazine, which has excellent articles and pictures. On the cover is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

June 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 63, Number 6

Superfeature: Complete Training Guide

  • Ronnie Helps You Build An Unbeatable Back

  • Blast Pecs & Delts The Jay Cutler Way
    By Tom Prince

  • Build Big Guns with Dennis James

  • Put Size On Your Thighs With Nasser El Sonbaty

  • Two Routines to Sculpt a Sensational Six Pack

  • Blast Your Body Out of a Zero Growth Rut

  • 8 Ways To Take Your Training to the Next Level

  • Muscle Up With This No Equipment Necessary Workout

  • Nuts and Bolts of Training for Strength

  • Increase Your Max Squat With This Targeted Training Program

  • Shape Up Stubborn Bodyparts with Susie Curry

  • Specialized Bodybuilding Advice for Teens

  • Tips To Staying Fit And Strong After 40

  • Getting the Most from Training with The Opposite Sex
    By Garrett Downing


  • The Book on Chest Training
    Chapter and verse with Aaron Maddron on entering his bodybuilding prime, starting over and perfect pec development.

  • Designer Delts
    The hottest thing to come out of Jersey since, well, ever. Former fitness competitor Denise Paglia-Cole shows how you can develop your own paid of sexy shoulders.


  • Anabolic Nutrition
    Goodbye, catabolism, hello, muscle growth! Add size and strength with these 15 nutrition tips designed for the hardgainer.

  • Drop Zone
    Whether you've put on a few pounds because you've been a little lazy or you put on some extra weight during a mass gain phase, these 10 steps will help you lose 10 pounds of bodyfat in 5 weeks.

  • ABCs on Getting Your Zzzs
    Can't sleep? Counting sheep? M&F evaluates 8 supplements for sleep and relaxation.

  • The Skinny on Dietary Fat
    For years, the diet mantra was to avoid fat at all costs. But fat, when it's the right kind and amount, is not bad for you. Find out how to distinguish between the good fats and the bad to boost your energy and your muscle building hormones.


  • The Rock Says Action
    Whether he's in the ring, on the set his new movie 'The Scorpion King' or hitting the weights, The Rock has one goal: to be the best. M&F goes one on one with the man who may just be the next Arnold of the action movie genre.

  • M&F's All American Pin Up Girls
    Four of today's hottest fitness beauties star in this seductive tribute to the glamorous pin up girls of the past.

  • Meet the Rock Hard Champs
    Dedication, discipline and the tenacity to follow through to the end: Meet the winners of our first annual Rock Hard Challenge, Sal Betancourt of Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Karen Thompson of Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Home Run Hardbodies
    Who has the best bods on the diamond this year? M&F highlights Arizona slugger Luis Gonzales and other baseball stars who hit the weights as hard as they hit a fastball. See who made our list of the top 10 physiques in the big leagues.


  • Editorial
    Turning Back The Clock by Joe Weider

  • Perspective
    Journaling Your Journey By Tom Deters

  • Ask Arnold
    Is Your Back On Track?

  • Ask The Pros

  • Body by Betty
    Keep Pumping by Betty Weider

  • Feedback

  • Form Vs. Fiction
    Leg Press

  • Get It Right
    Straight Arm Pull Down

  • Hotelien Interview
    The Rock

  • Hotline

  • IFBB Update
    Canadian Stamp

  • Lab Notes
    GHB's Deadly Allure

  • Marketplace / Coming Soon

  • Mind in Bodybuilding
    Take A Chill Pill

  • Muscle Fare
    Proof is in the Pudding

  • Nutrition Journal
    Taste Your Way Thin

  • One Minute Lesson
    One Leg At A Time

  • Sports Research Update
    Jump Start Your Gains

  • Success Stories
    Mind, Body and Soul

  • Training Notebook
    Close Grip Bench Press. Advanced Training with Mr. Olympia by Ronnie Coleman.