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October 2002

Muscle & Fitness is considered to be the best of the non-hardcore bodybuilding magazines. It contains lots of information about the principles of fitness & bodybuilding. Each monthly magazine usually contains information about weight training, nutrition, training, bodybuilding and many other topics that are current in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Muscle & Fitness is more of a mainstream bodybuilding magazine, which has excellent articles and pictures.

October 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 63, Number 10

Superfeature: Supplement

  • M&F Bodybuilding Supplement Index 2003
    The latest research update on supplements for bodybuilders and other athletes. Function, effectiveness, cost and dosage information at a glance on this pullout poster.

  • 2003 Supplement Report Card
    Don't let supplement shopping leave you in a daze! We sort through the best, the worst, and everything in between, letting you know what you should be taking to get the most out of your workouts and your body.

  • Get More Buff For Your Buck
    Supplementation does not have to be a big time investment. This smart guide will help you get the basics without draining your wallet.

  • Supplement Solutions for Women
    Because of unique hormonal and nutritional needs, taking supplements is a different ball game for women. Learn what choices are the best fit for the female persuasion.


  • The Wide World of Sarcev
    After a couople of seasons fraught with setbacks, Milos Sarcev is back in action and considering his future in bodybuilding. Here, he also shares his mind and muscle techniques for developing a bigger back.

  • Remodel Your Home Delt Routine
    Are your delts in disrepair? These six at home exercises will help you build delts so wide and impressive you will need to turn sideways to get out of the door.

  • Pecs Appeal
    Lessig's more when it comes to sculpting a shapely chest. 'The Early Show' fitness expert and popular model Minna Lessig shows you how.

  • Train Like the Champs
    Joe Weider's Training Principles become the foundation of modern bodybuilding. Here are his rules to lift by and how to master them.

  • 5 Worst Ab Exercises
    Want gut rippling results on ab day? We tell you what moves to lose, and how to restock your routine with more effective middle mashers.

  • Tom's Principles for King Sized Thighs
    After years of trial and error, IFBB pro Tom Prince is preparing to stand among the elite in the sport. Here, he reveals the lessons he has learned in the quest for high quality quads.


  • Appetite for Construction
    Starved for size? What you put in your mouth is just as important as what you do in the gym. Pull up a seat at the hardgainers' roundtable and find out how to quench your thirst for growth.

  • The Calcium Connection
    These days, milk has it made. New research shows why calcium, long considered a bone builder, is even a major fat fighter.


  • Miami Heat
    Hot stuff! These four femile firefighters light up south Florida.

  • The Original Leg Man
    Known for having the biggest thighs of his era, bodybuilding legend Tom Platz recalls the workouts that built his wheels and offers his thoughts on the sport today.

  • Football's Best Physique
    The best players in the NFL mold their strong, super fast physiques with old fashioned iron. See the training regimens that catapulted Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher and Green Bay running back Ahman Green to the head of M&F's 2002 NFL Strength Team.

  • Pillow Talk
    Before you start rocking, you'd better start talking. Here is why you should and easy ways you could discuss safe sex with your partner.

  • Cleaned and Pressed
    Fantastic fashions that show off your physique.

  • Fans Predict: Ronnie Will Take the Fith
    See how our virtual 2002 Mr. Olympia contest played out in our exclusive M&F Internet poll and how you can witness the Olympia Weekend spectacle in Las Vegas this October.

  • Encyclopedia Bigtannica
    If you are serious about pumping iron, you need to know the common vocabulary of the gym. M&F gives you a cheat sheet to all the insider slang.


  • Editorial
    Time To Play the Game by Joe Wieder

  • Perspective
    What's Your Legacy? By Tom Deters

  • Feedback

  • Success Stories
    No Pain, No Gain

  • Hotline
    Form vs Fiction
    Interview with Pam Paulshock

  • Training Notebook
    Upright Row
    Advanced Training with Mr. Olympia by Ronnie Coleman.

  • Mind in Bodybuilding
    I Pump Iron, Hear Me Roar

  • Body by Betty
    Dieter's Dilemma

  • Reality Bites
    All About Oats

  • Nutrition Journal
    Full Of Beans

  • Get It Right
    Three Way Triceps Blaster

  • Lab Notes
    Garlic as a Fat Fighter

  • Muscle Fare
    The Great Pumpkin

  • One Minute Lesson
    Dumbbells vs. Cables

  • Nutrition Rx
    Post Workout Refueling

  • IFBB Update
    The Chinese Challenge

  • Marketplace / Coming Soon