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December 2003

Muscle & Fitness is considered to be the best of the non-hardcore bodybuilding magazines. It contains lots of information about the principles of fitness & bodybuilding. Each monthly magazine usually contains information about weight training, nutrition, training, bodybuilding and many other topics that are current in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Muscle & Fitness is more of a mainstream bodybuilding magazine, which has excellent articles and pictures. On the cover is Jay Cutler.

December 2003 - Table of Contents
Volume 64, Number 12

Cover Stories

  • Free Booklet: Build Bionic Bi's and Tri's
    Terminate your genetic limitations - take your arm development to the cutting edge with this technologically advanced 24 page program.

  • 5-10-20
    Got lagging bodyparts? This punishing variable - rep scheme can transform them into the monsters they were meant to be.

  • Living Large A to Z
    Sex, supplements and touching your balls - plus 23 other tips for health maintenance, physical improvements and happy living.

  • 6 is Enough
    Once considered heresy, training abs every day can deliver a ripped six pack through superfast, intense workouts.

Training & Fitness

  • Fighting Back
    Kidney failure nearly ended Tom Prince's career - and his life. Now he's bringing up his back for one last run.

  • Captain Quads
    Comic book junkie and pro bodybuilder Vince Martinez is flying high with this heroic leg routine.

  • Strong Body
    Lift cars, tear phonebooks, be the strongest guy in your gym. Build extreme power in six weeks with this hardcore program.

  • Get Out
    Mount Everest. The Alps. Death Valley. Getting to these remote cardio locations is one challenge - surviving them is another.

  • Worthy Tri's
    With a fresh attitude and a potent triceps workout, fitness star Jenny Worth arms herself for a return to battle.


  • Full Power
    Your body may be growing, but have you sized up your life lately? Here's how to win big outside of the gym.

  • Metal Gear
    There's nothing (well, almost nothing) a guy likes more than a good chunk of metal crafted to perfection. This Christmas, give or better yet, get the gift of hardware.

  • Fabulously Fit
    Nutrition consultant Chris Sare struggled early on to stay in shape. Now she's determined to help others.

  • Lovely Lena
    Hawaii born model Lena Yada may have gotten into that line of work by chance, but her beauty is no accident.

Nutrition & Supplements

  • Get Stacked
    You'll be build like a brick house with these supercharged supplement stacks from experts and pros.

  • Keto Crazed
    Low carb diets taking a bite out of your muscle gains? Retool your fat fighting strategy with this ketogenic plan.

  • Editorial
    Break on Through

  • Perspective
    Regain Your Strength

  • Hotline
    Training, Nutrition, Health, Gear and All That's Fit To Print

  • Training Notebook
    Including Strong Shoulders, One Minute Lesson: Sleek Oblique, Pull Out: Triceps Dip, Form vs. Fiction: To Bend or Not To Bend, Power & Strength: Squat Outside the Box, and Get It Right: Squat Rack Curl

  • Training Table
    Cook Smart, Eat Better: Meltdown; Recipe Doctor: Chili Dog; Muscle Fare: Fowl Language; and Reality Bites: Fall Fruit Festival

  • The Edge
    High performance newsletter

  • Gear

  • Ask Arnold
    Gain From Failure

  • Nutrition FX
    Case Study: Meat Free Physique; Nutrition Journal: Gut Instinct

  • Supplement Roundup

  • Just For Women
    Lost & Found

  • Misc
    The Marketplace, Coming Next Month, and Feedback / Success Stories