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September 2004

Muscle & Fitness is considered to be the best of the non-hardcore bodybuilding magazines. It contains lots of information about the principles of fitness & bodybuilding. Each monthly magazine usually contains information about weight training, nutrition, training, bodybuilding and many other topics that are current in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Muscle & Fitness is more of a mainstream bodybuilding magazine, which has excellent articles and pictures.

September 2004 - Table of Contents
Volume 65, Number 9

Cover Stories

  • Sylvester Stallone
    Still punching at 58, a screen legend returns to his boxing and training roots via a reality television show and a new line of supplements.

  • Make Waves
    You probably start light to build up to your heavy sets on a given movement, but when you repeat this process 2-3 times, you're doing a technique called wave training. Lift even heavier weighs and push into the growth zone. How radical is that?

  • Gun Shop
    Who says the arms race is over? New York City's melting pot provided the backdrop for this hardcore arm workout featuring a quintet of bodybuilders from across the globe.
Bonus Section

  • Mad Made Meals
    Six fast, easy, protein packed meals on recipe cards that you can pull out and save - helping you build muscle in minutes.
Training & Fitness

  • The Blair Chest Project
    Amateur bodybuilder Blair Mone uses a novel approach to chest training - he cycles heavy and lighter training for faster gains. See if you can adapt this strategy to build your own impressive pecs.

  • M&F Book of Exercises - Biceps
    The second installment of our authoritative book on bodybuilding exercises focuses on five critical biceps moves. Designed to be pulled out and collected.

  • Rock Hard 2004
    The final chapter in our three month challenge will dial you in to your best shape ever, with complete weight and cardio workouts and a nutrition program to boost your energy and blast the fat. There's even a cool grand for our contest winner.

  • Great Thighs x 2
    The thighs of Texas are upon you when Aaron and Marina Graza walk you through their leg routines. See how the Texas two step takes on a whole new meaning.
Nutrition and Supplements

  • Get It In Ya
    If you've got bottles of supplements that sit idle on your countertop even when you have the best of intentions, you've got supplement fatigue. Here are nine creative ways to get your supplement regimen back on track.

  • Good, Better, Best
    What separates a good preworkout meal for a great one? Take this test of nine dining table scenarios to see if you know what's optimal eating - and what's just average.

  • Olympia Reshuffled
    New competitors, new rules, new attitude. Will the stunning evolution of the Mr. Olympia contest result in a new champion?

  • Paging Kim
    Former wrestling Nitro Girl Kimberly Page shows that she still knows a thing or two about making your neck hurt.
Featured Departments

  • Training Notebook
    • Page 1 Workout: Rock Your Pecs
    • One Minute Lesson: Grow by the foot
    • Target Training: Middle Man
    • Power & Strength: Strength Lesson
    • PullOut: Smith Machine Calf Raise
    • Get It Right: Cable Skull Crusher

  • Training Table
      Muscle Fair: Chicken Pasta Salad With Blueberries

Columns, Etc.

  • Editorial: By Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Perspective: By Joe Wieder
  • Feedback:
  • Big Time: Edited by Steve Mazzucchi
  • Hotline: Edited by Steve Mazzucchi
  • The Edge: Edited by Jim Stoppani, PhD
  • Ask Arnold: By Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mind & Body: By Carey Rossi
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