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December 2004

Muscle & Fitness is considered to be the best of the non-hardcore bodybuilding magazines. It contains lots of information about the principles of fitness & bodybuilding. Each monthly magazine usually contains information about weight training, nutrition, training, bodybuilding and many other topics that are current in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Muscle & Fitness is more of a mainstream bodybuilding magazine, which has excellent articles and pictures.

December 2004 - Table of Contents
Volume 65, Number 12

Cover Stories

  • Home Grown
    Short on time? With our no frills at home program, you can get in, get our and get on with your life. Nothing fancy here - armed with dumbbells and a weight bench, you can get fir and strong in three workouts per week with this fast, efficient training plan.

  • Get Dense
    Lift more weight, complete more reps and build thick new muscle in the process with this advanced technique.
Training & Fitness

  • Heavy Duty Delts
    Want wider, thicker shoulders? Try IFBB pro Dennis James' punishing routine and build your own V-taper.

  • Rock Solid Abs
    Three sets are all it takes to craft an incredible six pack with IFBB pro Ronny Rockel's crunch time workout.

  • Knockout Pecs
    More strength, sleeker curves - give your chest a one-two training punch with fitness competitor Amy Johnston's innovative regimen.

  • M&F Book of Exercises - Legs
    Make the most out of your quads, hams and glutes with these four essential exercises. Part five of our collectable series.

  • Jurassic Mass
    Your hardgainer days are headed for extinction in Part 1 of M&F's new mass-gaining program.
Nutrition and Supplements

  • Pump Up Your Kitchen
    Forget the gym - building muscle begins at home. Stock up with these 23 culinary essentials and achieve your mass gain or fat loss goals.

  • Protein Protectors
    Warning! Your body may be burning precious muscle for energy! Put the brakes on protein breakdown with these 10 anticatabolic supplements.

  • Fit Fast Food
    The drive thru shouldn't be your first option - but sometimes it's your only option. Here's what to order - and what to avoid - at your favorite joints.

  • Courage Afoot
    Simon Robinson was a champion bodybuilder when a devastating car accident put him in a coma and cost him his right leg. Fortunately, his best bodypart was his heart.

  • Hot Bonnie
    Check out TV personality and former professional cheerleader Bonnie-Jill Laflin - we promise you'll never miss one of her shows again.

  • Your Best Day Yet
    Get more done, build more muscle and get more sleep with this perfect performance day planner.
Bonus Pullout

  • Fast Food Visor Card
    On the road and gotta eat? Keep this handy card in your visor for a quick drive-thru reference on what's fit - and what's fat - in fast food.
Featured Departments

  • Training Notebook
    • Page 1 Workout: Divising Tri's - reinvent your arms with these clever upgrades
    • One Minute Lesson: What's your function> Functional training is all the rage - because it works
    • Target Training: Upsize your lats - choose your pull up wisely
    • Power and Strength: Press Pointers - use our easy checklist to put up more pounds today
    • Pullout: Reverse Preacher Curl
    • Get It Right: Exercise Ball Transfer Crunch

  • Training Table
    • Case Study: The Ideal Meal
    • Muscle Fare: Souped Up Protein

Columns, Etc.

  • Editorial: By Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Perspective: By Vincent Scalisi
  • Feedback:
  • Big Time: Edited by Steve Mazzucchi
  • Hotline: Edited by Steve Mazzucchi
  • The Edge: Edited by Jim Stoppani, PhD
  • Ask Arnold: By Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mind & Body: By Carey Rossi
  • The Marketplace:
  • Next Month: