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November 2005

Muscle & Fitness is considered to be the best of the non-hardcore bodybuilding magazines. It contains lots of information about the principles of fitness & bodybuilding. Each monthly magazine usually contains information about weight training, nutrition, training, bodybuilding and many other topics that are current in the bodybuilding and fitness world. Muscle & Fitness is more of a mainstream bodybuilding magazine, which has excellent articles and pictures. On the cover is Brian Wade.

November 2005 - Table of Contents
Volume 66, Number 11

Workout Superfeature

  • The Workout Blowout
    Want to finally carve that elusive six pack? Tired of doing endless presses and still living with a bird chest? Can't break fast your biceps barriers? We've got all of you covered with 37 pages of pure training - that's 57 workouts and 165 exercises. Can you handle it? Includes

    • Six Pack Abs by Jon Marshall
    • Delts and Traps by Darrem Charles
    • Back by Ernesto Osorio
    • Chest by Mark Casselman
    • Legs by Brent Mack
    • Biceps by Richard Jones
    • Triceps by Jimmy Pena
    • Total Body Workouts by David Sandler
    • Arnold's Favorite Routines by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Training & Fitness

  • Pro Advice: Back
    Will Harris has great stage presence, a barn door back and blood sucking fans. M&F gets supernatural with bodybuilding's most cryptic character.

  • Pro Advice: Chest
    Colleen Mansfield hung up her ballet slippers in favor of 5 inch heels and traded her tutu for a sparking bikini. Check out this dancer turned fitness competitor's favorite chest routine.
Nutrition and Supplements

  • 8 Big Fat Lies
    Dietary fat has gotten a bad rep, but M&F is doing damage control. We separate fact from fiction about the powerful nutrient you shouldn't be shunning.

  • Stronger in a Second
    Bulging muscles are hard to come by if you're weak. Increase your lifts - and your size - with these eight strength building supplements.

  • Muscle Hustle
    You last set involves lifting fork to mouth. Whatever your goal, no matter your time constraint, here's what to eat after your next workout.

  • From Geek 2 Freak?
    Discover what happens when one pencilneck writer trains alongside one freakishly big bodybuilder to transform his physique?

  • L.A. Law
    Meet Candace Smith: a hot model and actress who can kick your ass at the pool table and in he courtroom.

  • Muscle TV
    This October, Ronnie and Jay will posedown in your living room. (Well, sort of). Get a sneak preview of the most sophisticated broadcast in the history of the Olympia.

  • Total Recall
    As Richard Jones prepares for his second Olympia, he reflects on the day of his rookie debit.

  • Rose of the Machines
    Are powerlifting robots the answer to everything from firefighting to war? Probably not, but the sure are entertaining.
Featured Departments

  • Training Notebook
    • Page 1 Workout: Leg Lift
    • One-Minute Lesson: Lower Your Focus
    • Target Training: High & Tight
    • Power and Strength: Power Up
    • Get It Right: Seated High Cable Curl
    • Pullout: 45 Degree Calf Raise

  • Training Table
    • Case Study: Raising the Bar
    • Man Made Meal: Broiled Salmon Casserole
    • Food Fallacy: Dairy Products Make You Fat
    • Recipe Doctor: Macaroni & Cheese
    • Reality Bites: Bigger, Better Oats

Columns, Etc.

  • Editorial: By Jeff O'Connell
  • Perspective: By Joe Weider
  • Feedbac/Success Storesk:
  • Big Time: Edited by Jeanine Detz
  • Hotline: Edited by Jeanine Detz
  • The Edge: Edited by Jim Stoppani, PhD
  • Ask Arnold: By Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Just for Women: By Cory Everson
  • Mind & Body: By Carey Rossi
  • The Marketplace:
  • Next Month: