Muscular Development: February 2006
Volume 43, Number 2

Misc. Notes from this issue

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  • Steve Blechman, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief says that MD has the winning team now. He has recently inked a few deals with some of the rising superstars. Joining Lee Priest, Dexter Jackson, Victor Martinez, Melvin Anthony, Branch Warren and Chris Cormier - Steve is pleased to welcome Gustavo Badell, Chris Cook and David Henry, and next month, Bill Wilmore is joining the team.

  • Always interesting to read the Romano Factor. John writes about Patrick Arnold, who got indicted, saying he was the THG creator. Of course, Victor Conte and Balco have something to do with this. It is interesting to note that the 1990 Steroid laws were to target cheating athletes. It is also interesting to note that there are zero professional athletes in jail today on steroids beefs. John also writes about Wayne DeMilia and his first fitness expo since he left the IFBB.

  • Contest coverage includes the 2005 NPC Nationals Champions. Saturday night at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Bill Wilmore kicked some butt. There were seven class winners which earned the right to compete in the IFBB this night on the men's side. Lee Haney was given a special world for his tireless service to the community by none other than Ronnie Coleman.

  • Gustavo Badell - the uncrowned Mr. Olympia. Gustavo remains the only man to ever defeat a Mr. Olympia on the Olympia state (via his victory in the Challenge Round), yet not wear the Olympia crown. So is Gustavo cocky? Badell is anything but cocky. He has carried a bad rap that has stuck to him as if it were applied with crazy glue. His three heroes in bodybuilding include Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler. At the 2005 Mr. Olympia, Gustavo paid homage to the past Mr. Olympian winners by posing a signature pose for each of them. The crowd loved it. There is also a ton of pictures of Gustavo growing up, getting married, and more.

  • Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson talk truly hardcore delt training. These two are the Texas titans. These two were #1 and #2 in the 2005 Europa Supershow. There is a cool pictorial by Per Barnal, and an interest by Ron Harris.

  • Bill Romanowski was the most feared linebacker in the NFL. Here is why. Romo - the dragon slayer. Romanowski also has a new book out, called Life on the Edge, where he admits to using Balco's designer steroid, THG. Here, John Romano does a pretty mean interview with the guy.

  • Gregg Valentino's Rambling Freak's article is here, as usual in caps only mode, driving us crazy. Notes includes that his ghetto girl Mercedes has dumped him, he loves to go to the batting cages once a week, he named his dick after Markus Ruhl, and more.

  • Lee always has some interesting stories. Lee has a daughter, named Alexandra Lee, born February 18, 1992. Lee had dated Helen for 8 months before they broke up, but she was pregnant. Lee hasnt seen his daughter for a long, long time. Lee also has a lot of tattoos. His first was the Superman tattoo, in the fall of 1997. His second tattoo was the Nascar logo. His third tattoo was flames around the Superman logo. His 4th tattoo was flames up on his forearms. His 5th tattoo has Preist with the tribal parttern surrounding it. His 6th tattoo was the Chinese symbols. His 7th tattoo was Adela. His 8th tattoo was the croos and flames (which covered up the Nascar tattoo). His 8th tattoo was the punisher slogan, and his 10th tattoo was the tribal design on his neck.