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April 2006

Muscular Development is another serious bodybuilder magazine that concentrates on hardcore bodybuilding, but also covers fitness and health related items. They pride themselves on giving its readers extensive coverage on the cutting edge of training, diet and nutrition articles. It also has great pictures of bodybuilders, and makes for enjoyable reading. On the cover is Bill Wilmore, with Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan in the lower corner.

April 2006 - Table of Contents
Volume 43, Issue 4


  • Bill Kills Legs
    Kill Bill, Volume 3 became reality. National Champion Bill Wilmore whacks his wheels for his pro debut.

  • The Stringray Strikes
    National Champion Charles Ray Arde is the new gunslinger in town

  • Dexter the Defender
    Dexter Jackson is going for back to back wins at the Arnold Classic

  • Gustavo Badell's Massive Back Workout
    What a freakin' back!

  • Pumped for Murder
    Craig & Kelly were known for their antics offstage as much as on. Did their excessive lifestyle put the bad in the boy?


  • By the Expert Q&A
    Questions and Answers with Steven J. Fleck

  • Extreme Muscle Enhancement
    By Carlon M. Colker

  • Blonde Bomber
    by Chris Cook

  • Kill Bill
    by Bill Wilmore

  • David vs. Goliath
    by David Henry

  • Eight Time Mr. O Ronnie Coleman
    By Ron Harris

  • Trainer of Champions
    By Charles Glass

  • The Freaken Rican
    by Gustavo Badell

  • Mass With Class
    by Branch Warren

  • The Priest Confessional
    Questions and Answers by Lee Priest

  • The Pro Creator
    By Hany Rambod

  • Victor's Gym
    By Victor Martinez

  • The Contest Guru
    By Chad Nicholls

  • The Cutting Edge
    By Dexter Jackson

  • The Real Deal
    By Chris Cormier

  • Jay Cutler
    The Ultimate Beef

  • Marvelous Melvin
    By Melvin Anthony

Nutrition & Performance

  • Research: Supplements
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey.

  • Research: Training
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey.

  • Research: Nutrition
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey.

  • Supplement Performance
    Beta-alanine, Histidine, Carnoside: The Next Big Thing? An interview with Dr. Mark Tallon

  • Nutrition Performance
    High protein diets: Whatever happened to human intelligence

  • Sports Supplement Product Review
    Muscletech Anator P-70

  • Muscletech Research Report

Fat Loss

  • Research Fat Loss
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey

  • Fat Attack
    New research on testosterone and fat loss


  • Research Drugs
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey

  • Future Pharmacy
    By Douglas Kalman

  • Testosterone
    The importance of sleep for optimal testosterone

  • Busted! Legal Q&A
    By Rick Collins

  • Anabolic Research Update
    By William Llewellyn

  • Anabolic Freak
    By David Palumbo

  • Anabolic Edge
    By Jose Antonio, PhD

Health & Performance

  • Research Health & Performance
    By Steve Blechman and Thomas Fahey

Inside Angle

  • Editor's Letter
    By Steve Blechman

  • Mail Room
    Where our Reader's Rave and Rant

  • The Romano Factor
    by John Romano

  • Page 69
    By John Ramano

  • Rage Page
    By Dirt Diggler

  • Ramblin' Freak
    By Gregg Valentino

  • Hot Shoppe
    By Angela T. Frizalone

  • MD Marketplace

  • The Last Word
    By John Romano

  • Flex Report
    New York Pro Preview and Shawn Ray Classic Preview