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January 2000

This female bodybuilding magazine is geared for adults only, as it contains full frontal nudity, and you must be 18 to purchase it. While this magazine is not for everyone, it does show the 'women of muscles' point of view. And yes, the editor in chief of the magazine is a female bodybuilder. On the cover is Debi Laszewski-Peterson, Karen Konyha and Denise Masino.

January 2000 - Table of Contents
Issue #8


  • Professional Bodybuilding for Women
    A victim of it's own success, on why female bodybuilding by be dropped by the IFBB, and why the 1999 Ms. Olympia in Santa Monica was rescheduled.

  • Centerfolds
    Pictorial. From cover to delicious cover, this first ever edition of Muscle Elegance's Hot Lingerie Collection is packed with nothing but stunning nude pictorials of the world's most beautiful hardbodies. Nothing enhances a musclar physique better than sexy lingerie. Models include Karen Konyha, Debi Laszewski-Peterson, and Denise Masino.

  • White Room
    Inquiring minds wants to know? Sexy questions and a hot pictorial.

  • Sultry Toni Dee
    This sexy IFBB official admits 'It's better to be looked over than to be over-looked". When not modeling, this self-employed, personal trainer takes on double duty as an official and judge with the IFBB.

  • Meet Marte Lombardo
    Canadian fitness star on the rise. She has won Ms. Fitness Canada.


  • Between the Reps
    One tough job. IFBB Vice President Wayne DeMilia understands that effecting change is a complex dynamic. By Denise Masino.

  • Letters
    This is what you think!

  • Guest Editorial
    The State of the Union by Stephen S. King. Women bodybuilding has taken a hit ... and these women traing year round to compete for one night.

  • Out There
    The Women's Pro World, June 26, 1999, in Novi, Michigan. Pictures from the show.

  • Out There
    Picturing the Modern Amazon, the first museum exhibition devoted to the hyper-muscular woman as represented by the female bodybuilder.

  • Contributors
    They include David Naughton, Anneli Adolfsson, J.M. Manion, and Bill Dobbins.

  • Behind the Scenes
    Looking gorgeous in clothes in tough enough - but when you're wearing nada? Who says modeling is glamorous?

  • Celebrity Contacts
    Have you ever wanted to engage in personal correspondence with your favorite muscle stats?