Muscle Elegance Magazine
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July 2000

This female bodybuilding magazine is geared for adults only, as it contains full frontal nudity, and you must be 18 to purchase it. While this magazine is not for everyone, it does show the 'women of muscles' point of view. And yes, the editor in chief of the magazine is a female bodybuilder. On the cover is Denise Masino.

July 2000 - Table of Contents
Issue #10


  • She's All That
    She's a combination of beauty, spunk and a flawless muscular perfection. She's Peggy Schoolcraft. And she's 40.

  • Quest for Perfection
    For Andrulla Blanchette, muscular design is instinctive, like so many other creative processes.

  • Denise Masino
    Too much is never enough!

  • Femininity Redefined
    British born champion, Gayle Moher possess one of the most symmetrically complete physique in the world.

  • The Sun Queen
    Lynn McCrossin heats up the Arizona desert. Most people thing she wings from the ceiling with a cangle, dripping hot wax over her lovers.

  • One of a Kind
    Dayana Cadeau is on fire in Gym Heat.


  • Between the Reps
    It's all about exposure. That is what female bodybuilding needs!

  • Letters
    This is what you think!

  • Guest Editorial
    The Winner is the Only One Happy! Judging from all points of view, by DeShay Ebert - NPC Texas Chairperson.

  • Out There
    Mahalo, from Hawaii. Pictures from the sand and zoo of Hawaii... and more.

  • Out There
    Pictures from the Night of Champions in New York City.

  • Contributors
    They include Richard Creaturo, Bill Dobbins, and and David Naughton. .

  • Celebrity Contacts
    Have you ever wanted to engage in personal correspondence with your favorite muscle stats?