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May 1998

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness prides itself as 'the only magazine dedicated to a drug free lifestyle'. Natural Bodybuilding is hot, as evidenced by the huge membership in natural bodybuilding organizations worldwide. Physiques are getting better because of the greater involvement of science on the nutrition, supplementation and training levels, not due to drug use. Check us out.

May 1998
Table of Contents
Volume 11, Number 2


  • Fitness Star: Veronica Martell
  • Brad Baker: A non-competitive Superstar
  • Androstendione Abuse and Urine Detection
  • Charting Progress with Bodyfat Testing
  • Psychology; Creating the Winning Edge


  • Aerobics helps build Muscle Mass
  • Pump Fiction: Debuking Training Myths
  • Bolster your "Forgotten Bodyparts"
  • Maximize Anabolic Hormones: Training Tips
  • Blast through Physical Limitations


  • Hardgainers Corner: Gain Mass Fast!
  • Supplement Review: 6 Best Nutrients
  • Natural Muscle Q&A
  • Natural Gourmet: Supplements for Success
  • Supplements: The blooming Hormone Market
  • Nutrition: The role of Meat in the Diet

Contest Coverage:

  • NGA Hercules Championships
  • NGA American Championships
  • WNBF Men's Pro Natural International
  • News Flash: WNBF World Championships
  • WNBF Women's Pro Natural International
  • NGA Eastern Regional Bodybuilding & Fitness
  • NBBF All-Japan Championships


  • Editor's Page
  • Product Review
  • Letters
  • WNBF News
  • Natural News
  • Muscle Science
  • NGA News
  • Readers Physiques
  • Coming Events
  • Natural on the Rise
  • Last Rep