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August 1998

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness prides itself as 'the only magazine dedicated to a drug free lifestyle'. Natural Bodybuilding is hot, as evidenced by the huge membership in natural bodybuilding organizations worldwide. Physiques are getting better because of the greater involvement of science on the nutrition, supplementation and training levels, not due to drug use. Check us out. The bodybuilder on the cover is Ernie Richards.

August 1998
Table of Contents
Volume 11, Number 3


  • Douglas Hill: Muscles as big as Texas
  • York Barbell Hall of Fame
  • Fitness Femme Fatale: Cheri Michel
  • Andro Warning: A Ban is Coming
  • Gynecomastia: Chest or Breast?
  • Counting Sheep
  • 15th Annual Association of Strongmen Dinner


  • Pump Fiction: Outer Thigh Lie
  • Natural Muscle Q&A
  • Are you Having an Energy Crisis?
  • Injury Prevention


  • Hardgainer's Corner: It is in your Blood
  • Hawthorne: Stress Reducing Herb
  • Body Gourmet: Tune into your physique
  • Natural Gourmet: Easy, Lowfat Entertaining

Contest Coverage:

  • WNBF Ms. Exercise
  • WNBF Men's World Championships
  • WNBF Women's World Championships
  • WNBF Western Canadian / Fraser Valley
  • NGA Mid-Central States
  • NGA Great Lakes Supernatural


  • Editor's Page
  • Product Review
  • Letters
  • WNBF News
  • Natural News
  • Muscle Science
  • NGA News
  • Readers Physiques
  • Coming Events
  • Natural on the Rise
  • Last Rep