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February 1999

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness prides itself as 'the only magazine dedicated to a drug free lifestyle'. Natural Bodybuilding is hot, as evidenced by the huge membership in natural bodybuilding organizations worldwide. Physiques are getting better because of the greater involvement of science on the nutrition, supplementation and training levels, not due to drug use. Check us out. The competitor on the cover is WNBF Mr. Universe Tim Martin and Deanna Ortiz.

February 1999
Table of Contents
Volume 12, Number 1


  • The Natural Way: Lost in the Gym
  • Magnet Therapy for Increased GH
  • Judging Physiques: What are the Judges looking for?
  • Ms. Exercise Champion Kim Lipman


  • Carmi Smith: Like a Rock
  • Tim Martin: A new middleweight contender
  • "Backtracking" for Progress
  • Paula Fong: An Arresting Physique
  • Natural Muscle Q&A
  • A simple routine for Mass Building
  • Integrating Isotention into your Workout


  • Hardgainer's Corner" Homepathic HGH Tablet
  • Supplements: Vitamins - Pill or Spray?
  • Body Gourmet: Make Protein a priority
  • Thermogenesis: A weight loss breakthrough
  • Nutritional Science: Your key to new progress
  • Natural Gourmet: Health Side Dishes

Contest Coverage:

  • NGA Naturalmania
  • WNBF Mr. / Ms. Universe
  • NGA Mountain Classic
  • NGA Western States Natural Championships
  • NGA East Coast Championships
  • 1st Annual NGA Northeast Classic
  • NGA Eastern Hernandez Classic
  • NBBF Mr. Kyushu Championships


  • Editor's Page
  • Product Review
  • Letters
  • WNBF News
  • Natural News
  • Muscle Science
  • NGA News
  • Readers Physiques
  • Coming Events
  • Natural on the Rise