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July 2000

Natural Muscle Magazine started in Florida, and caters primarily to the Florida region, although California and Texas have been receiving some of the magazines in different outlets. It focuses on the natural athletes, the ANBC, and other natural organizations. On the cover is Kim Hartt.

July 2000 - Table of Contents
Volume 5, Number 7


  • Spotting, Part 2
    Considerations for enhanced growth and development.

  • Shoulder Training
    Tom's Training Tips include Rotator Cuff injuries can be quite a pain.

  • Chair Zaino's Page
    Get in Shape for Summer: 12 weeks to a leaner, healthier body!

  • Back Training
    for the V-shape taper.

  • Readers Q&A
    Questions include 'How to get that really think skinned look', 'Need a routine for my triceps', 'I need a supplement that can burn fat, give me energy, and not get me wired', and 'is there drugs in natural competitions'.

  • The Maximum Results
    Set those glutes on fire. Questions include 'what are death walks and cable 21s'.


  • Health Info
    In the news includes 'Exercise may slow some effects of paging' , and 'Youngsters less active than they think'.

  • Methoxivone
    A new compound for a new millennium.

  • Healthy Eating

  • Industry Update
    Industry update on protein powders and creatine supplements.

  • Is Arthritis in Your Future?
    The arthritic process should not be looked at as natural aging but rather the result of a lack of repair. The body has a tremendous ability to heal and repair under the right circumstances. You have to give your body the right food and nutrients to heal and repair your joints.

  • Sports Nutrition's Future
    Many expertsw believe that manufacturers and retailers will be taking more responsibility for their products and will put forth a greater effort in the area of educating their consumers


  • Sherry Gideons
    An insporational stor from a reader.

  • Marketing Yourself in the Fitness Industry
    Kim Hartt explains one way to market yourself in the competitive world of fitness.

  • Kim Hartt Fitness Classic
    This NPC Contest was held May 13th aat the beautiful Broward Performing Arts Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Space Coast Natural
    he third annual Space Coast Natural, May 20th, on Merritt Island, Florida.


  • Pz's Perspective
    Who have you helped lately?

  • Editorial
    Ten mistakes women don't want to make - getting ready for their first bodybuilding show. By Debbie Baigrie.

  • Natural Bits & Pieces
    About Flouride, About the cancelled Tampa Bay Natural, Ahout Hercules, and more...

  • Wok with Danielle
    Get ready to wok and roll this summer with a quick, easy and fun recipe for 'hot and sour stir fry'.

  • Spice Of Life
    Flouride: Is it good for you or not?

  • Focus on Unity
    We all just want to be loved!

  • Whats your Real Age?
    Are you 40, but feel like a teen, or maybe like 55?

  • Beauty Watch
    Questions including 'Acne cleansers', 'False Eyelashes, and 'Makeup for B&W Pictures'.

  • 2000 Schedule of Events
    A list of the 2000 Drug Free Bodybuilding Schedule of Events

  • Optimal Living
    Goals for Live!

  • Cosmic Corner
    The Zodiac Sign of Cancer, June 22 - July 22, begins our summer season. Ruled by the moon!