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October 2000

Natural Muscle Magazine started in Florida, and caters primarily to the Florida region, although California and Texas have been receiving some of the magazines in different outlets. It focuses on the natural athletes, the ANBC, and other natural organizations. On the cover is D.J. Wallis.

October 2000 - Table of Contents
Volume 5, Number 10


  • What are the judges looking for?
    There has been some positive changes to make fitness competition more objective, with a new standard criteria that must be met by athletes.

  • Back to Basics
    Keep your back covered. The simple reasons is that we often neglect our back.

  • Training Q&A
    Questions include 'Need to get a really good burn in my chest'; 'I need a quick fix' and more.

  • Maximum Result Barbells before Bikes?
    Stop doing cardio before you weight train!

  • Preparing for Obstacle Course Training Camp
    A small investment to coin will yield the most profit out of your obstacle course camp weekend.

  • Forearm Training
    Integrate your forearms into your upper body workout!

  • Who Trains Harder?
    Do fitness or bodybuilding competitors train harder. Here we are on a precontest day with IFBB pro Mandy Blank.


  • Industry Update, Part 4
    Alan Shugarman talks about what work's, what does not work, and everything else relevant. Part four includes info on Creatine Serum and HMB.

  • Stop Losing Your Hair!
    Are you finding more on your brush or in the drain?

  • Pasta Power with Danielle
    Danielle Nagel makes and shows us how to make Spinach Pasta with Shrimp and Scallops. A seafood and pasta lover's dream.


  • Mandy Blank

  • Jennifer Worth
    Jenny rocks Roanoke as she beat 21 fitness competitors at the 2000 IFBB Jan Tana Classic Pro Fitness Division.. An interview with Rob Wilkins.

  • Trainer Bio
    Meet Christopher Challenger, 27 year old personal trainer and natural bodybuilder.


  • Superbody Bodybuilding
    The Superbody World Natural Bodybuilding Championships recently hosted over 100 bodybuilders, and the overall champion was Stan McQuay.

  • Galaxy Competition
    Local girls don t reach for the stars, they reach for the galaxy! June 3-4, 2000 in Sunny St. Pete Beach, Florida. First place went to Jill Johnson.


  • Editorial
    A Tribute to Granny Baigre.

  • Big Time Comedian: Tim Wilkins
    Gym fashion tipes.

  • Health Info
    The latest news in the world of bodybuilding. Including IFBB awarded full Olympic recognition. The latest news in health and fitness.

  • Natural Bits and Pieces
    Mike's tips for healthful living.

  • Pz's Perspective
    Time heals all wounds. Let's think again.

  • Fitness Made Simple
    Ten tips for a six pack abs

  • Ask Mr. Vitamin
    Questions on vitamins and more...

  • Optimal Living
    We visited two training studios and spoke to the owners, two outstanding bodybuilders who have literally transformed their dreams into dollars.

  • Beauty Watch
    Do you have problem lips?

  • Cosmic Corner
    Sarah Lyons talks about Libra, the sign of marriage and partnerships.

  • Event Schedule
    Upcoming Contests…