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December 2000

Natural Muscle Magazine started in Florida, and caters primarily to the Florida region, although California and Texas have been receiving some of the magazines in different outlets. It focuses on the natural athletes, the ANBC, and other natural organizations. On the cover is Anja Langer.

December 2000 - Table of Contents
Volume 5, Number 12


  • Training - Consistency
    The key to progress in your fitness program.

  • Rest and Revival
    For the winning physique and athletic performance.

  • Lunch Time Workout
    The ultimate one hour total body workout.

  • Backyard Course!

  • Bicep Training on Muscle Beach!


  • Industry Update, Part 6
    This months supplement review series focus on carbohydrate blockers and creatine serum.

  • Singing the Blues!
    Changes in mood are a part of life. but if you seem down most of the time, you may have a problem.

  • Indulge Yourself
    Holiday treats you never thought that you would eat again, made healthy.

  • Nature's Medicine Cabinet
    Chinese and Western phiolosphies combine to improve your muscle building ability and mental focus.

  • Aging
    Anti aging, wormsn ... not just fish bait!


  • Kainoa Forgea
    This zalling Polynesian beauty turns 50 years old this month! Could the Fountain of Youth be her secret.

  • Interview with Ian King
    Ian King is the man athletes look for to answers in regard to athlete prepartion. Here is a special interview with Ian.


  • IFBB Olympia Expo
    Photos from one of the greatest bodybuilding and fitness expos of 2000.

  • Tri Fitness
    WTF World Challenge 2000


  • Big Time Comedian: Tim Wilkins
    Tips for the season...

  • Natural Bits and Pieces
    Includes Rules for a Healthy Life; Muscle Museam Memos' Olympic athletes...

  • Pz's Perspective
    The many faces of disappointments.

  • Fitness Made Simple
    Supplements, nutrition, workout

  • Ask Mr. Vitamin
    Questions on vitamins and more...

  • Beauty Watch

  • Cosmic Corner

  • Event Schedule

  • Living in the Zone