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February 2001

Natural Muscle Magazine started in Florida, and caters primarily to the Florida region, although California and Texas have been receiving some of the magazines in different outlets. It focuses on the natural athletes, the ANBC, and other natural organizations. On the cover is Sherry Goggins-Giardina.

February 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 6, Number 2


  • Your Fitness Program
    Losing the last 20 lbs... I want a smooth chest… Teen Training…

  • Goals For Success
    Creating winning short and long term goals for success.

  • Physical Education for Progress Act
    The percentage of overweight young Americans has more than doubled in the past 30 years. A bill everyone should support.

  • Train Those Traps
    Don't get caught in the 'I only do shrugs" trap.

  • The Right Mindset
    Why Different training strategies can all be successful with the right mindset.

  • Bodybuilding for Her
    Osteoporosis: Not just a concern for the elderly.

  • Optimal Living
    Finishing the Physique. The bodybuilding season is just gearing up, and for many of us who are competing, or training someone to compete, this is the time to train the body up to the optimal level. It is also the time to start incorporating 'finishing' exercises.

  • Multi Joint Exercises for Muscular Mass
    One of the best ways to increase muscular mass is to do squats and dead lifts.


  • Industry Update, Part 8
    A multi part series looking at performance supplements. What works, what does not, costs and everything else relevant. This part covers Guggulsterones.

  • Protect Your Heart
    With the right diet and supplements.

  • Dinner For Two
    A romantic dinner at home: Now, that's amore. Zesty Seared Orange Scallops with Vermouth.

  • Steroidal Ethers
    High in the Clouds. A two part series that talks about some new, upcoming technology that several companies are working on.


  • Musclemania
    The 10th Anniversary Musclemania World Championships hosted nearly 200 of the most amazing natural bodybuilders.

  • Laloca Races
    Clocks a successful debut - setting new standards in the obstacle course arena. Here is a camp race report.

  • Tri Fitness Championships
    September 29-30, 2000 in Tampa, Florida. Overall champion was Gina Oakes. First place Teenage Division was Tara Muhlbauer. First place Grace & Physique was Julie Green.


  • Editorial
    The Results Are In! By Debbie Baigrie

  • Tim Wilkins
    Big Time Comedian. Every trip to the bathroom was an unwanted squat rep, moving slowly across the floor - bent over like Yoda, telling my wife, "Go I must, spot me you will, mmm".

  • Natural Bits & Pieces
    Mike BonDurant's sage perspective on Health & Fitness

  • Pz's Perspective
    I just can't find the time…

  • Fitness Made Simple
    Sticking to your nutrition plan: Hints to live by.

  • Ask Mr. Vitamin
    Ask Mr. Vitamin was created for the health food store challenged.

  • Training & Supplementation Q&A
    Questions on Isoflavones; Traps that won't grow; and Lack in the Mass Department.

  • Beauty Watch
    This here is no lip service! A New Year, a New You!

  • Cosmic Corner
    Aquarius. Awareness.

  • Event Schedule
    2001 Drug Free Bodybuilding and Fitness Schedule

  • Description of Yourself
    You can never go beyond your description of yourself.