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July 2001

Natural Muscle Magazine started in Florida, and caters primarily to the Florida region, although California and Texas have been receiving some of the magazines in different outlets. It focuses on the natural athletes, the ANBC, and other natural organizations. On the cover is Kelly Ryan.

July 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 6, Number 7, Issue #51


  • Summer Slice
    A quick glance at the calendar and it hits you - summer is almost here! Here are some tips to slice up the physique, be leaner and meaner.

  • The Treadmill
    Are you a pulser, yanker, tilter, huncher or clutcher? You are fooling only yourself.

  • Bodybuilding for Her
    The Slow Carbohydrate Diet. The article was stimulated because many questions I received about carbohydrates and their relation to blood sugar.

  • Shaping Up with John Basedow
    Making the fitness commitment. This is intended for those who fall victim to the 'too busy to workout' mindset and woefully accept the idea that you will never have the time to create the body you desire.

  • Powertraining on Muscle Beach
    Training Program, including exercises, and more.

  • Tom's Training Tips
    Making home improvements, avoids home repairs. Pressed for strong shoulders.

  • Tricks of the Trade
    By Tricky Ricky Jackson. When it comes to strength training, the longer you are in the gym does not mean better muscle growth.


  • Supplement Advisor
    Personal your diet and supplements, Part one.

  • Stop Arthritis Naturally
    You are so careful about food and supplements you take to building your muscles, but you probably have not thought about helping your joints.

  • Recipe: Crab Cakes with Raspberry Sauce
    Berry season is here, and here is a great recipe!

  • Extreme Supplementation
    Interview with a hero. The Ox interviews Mr. Eastwood about fraud and illegal things in the bodybuilding industry.

  • Supplementation and Training Q&A
    Questions include 'best possible combination of supplements to burn body fat', 'Triax and it being banned by the FDA', 'Exercise that will really burn my calves', and more.

  • Supplementation
    You need Glutamine.


  • NPC Space Coast
    More than 70 bodybuilders hit the stage for what has become the largest drug tested show in the state of Florida. Winners include Suzanne Davis, Chad Inovejas, Lance Familie, Ray Jackson, Ron Benash, Rich Gerog, Brent Zartker, Joan Hill, and Egypt Snead.

  • The Laloca Races
    Second race in a series. Winners include Lori Abernathy, Billie Bruchhaus, Bobby Brooks, Gary Lunter, and Tonya D'Anna.

Other Stuff...

  • A Winning Portfolio
    Dear Kim Hartt. I am new to the industry and I have been sending pictures to the magazines in hopes of becoming a fitness model. Am I going about it the right away> What would you suggest I be doing in addition to give myself a better chance?

  • Turning a setback into Success
    Upon my return from Cancun, Mexico, I began to experience a multitude of unsually physical symptoms. My vision was impaired and I could not maintain my balance or even speak coherently.

  • Health Info in The News
    Including Creatine Supplementation improves intensity; Effective Nutritional Ergogenic aids; Is it sensible to exercise when you are ill; and more.

  • Optimal Living
    Upside down health care.

  • Motivation
    Free Willy! Or better yet, free yourself.

  • Profile: Heather Lee Hulseburg
    Fitness Model and more! Don't be intimidated! Be inspired! Far too often people sell themselves short of their potential. This is not one of them.


  • Editorial
    Everyone is a champion! No booty shots in this magazine. By Debbie Baigrie.

  • Big Time Comedian
    Specializing in fitness comedy. Are you building 'natural muscle?' by Tim Wilkins.

  • Contest Event Schedule
    2001 bodybuilding and fitness schedule.

  • Beauty Watch
    Need a quick, easy way to cleanse your face, and more.

  • Ask Mr. Vitamins
    This column was created for the health food store challenged. Health food stores are fast becoming an important part of our everyday lives, yet the American public is having a tough time figuring out the health food store mystique. We address the problems and concerns of these savvy, nutritionally concerned shoppers.

  • Natural Bits & Pieces
    Including canola tree, Evos, Sore Shoulders, ANBC lost its momentum, and more.

  • PZ's Perspective
    A loser look into the world of Personal Training.