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September 2001

Natural Muscle Magazine started in Florida, and caters primarily to the Florida region, although California and Texas have been receiving some of the magazines in different outlets. It focuses on the natural athletes, the ANBC, and other natural organizations. On the cover is Kimberly Lyons.

September 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 6, Number 9, Issue #53


  • In Shape with Sherry Goggin
    How can I target certain problem areas?

  • Competitive Edge
    Tips for winning; onstage appearance. By Kim Hartt.

  • Shaping up with John Basedow!
    8 Weeks to Lean. The following are a few nutrition and workout guidelines or 'tips' I came up with that helped me to, in eight weeks, achieve the lean, muscular definition, including those ripped abs, I'd been working years to get.

  • The Wall
    Obstacle training for the most feared obstacle on the course.

  • Personal Training
    A close look into the world of personal training. Part one of a six part series. By PZ Hopkins.

  • Bombing the back
    On Muscle Beach!

  • Tom's Training Tips
    Up in Arms about Triceps To much bi's not enough; tri's got you down? If your triceps are not up to par these days, then let's hope what the say about them taking up two third of your arm is not true.


  • Clean Out The Toxins Within
    Do you really want all these fancy supplements and diets to work? Do you want to lose weight - grow muscle?

  • It's Not What You Eat
    It's What You Absorb.. What is the sense of eating well and taking supplements if you body is not absorbing the nutrients?

  • Supplement Advisor
    Summer diet not working? Four things to jump start your summer body!

  • Supplementation
    Is bodybuilding's new pro-anabolic miracle formula a legal drug? Interview with bodybuilding's anabolic guru, Brian Batcheldor.

  • Supplement & Training Q&A
    Including Obsessed with working out; and synthetic growth hormone therapy.

  • The Heart Health Greek Salad
    The 'Greeks Don't Want To Freaks" salad! By Danielle Nagel.


  • Fitness Universe Pageant
    June 30th, 2001 at Miami Beach, Florida. 50 of the world's most talented fitness women converged upon the Lincoln Theater for the contest. Katie Uter wins, while Julie Shipley comes in second, and Erin Gannon comes in 3rd.

Other Stuff...

  • Sedentary Death Syndrome
    A menace to U.S. public health. In the United States, even the Grim Reaper is flabby.

  • Mind, Body, Spirit
    Until we meet again (Aloha a hui ho), by Rev. Anthony Kaula Calandro III

  • Not Tonight, Honey
    Exploring the serious issue of decreased female sexual response and desire.

  • Optimal Living
    Nothing in sports is as unimportant as the score at half-time. The second half!

  • Motivation
    Stuck like a duck in the much, and in the before and after contest.

  • Fork In The Road
    Part two, regarding smallpox, Pasteur, and more.

  • Profile: Nicole Ann
    This woman is a true success story and a team player to boot! She is also one of the 25 beautiful women on the Tampa Bay Dream Team!

  • Upcoming Contests
    Including the NPC, ANBC, Galaxy, NGA, NABF, WNSO, WFNA, Musclemania, and Fitness America.


  • Editorial
    Digest This! Here are some interesting fact's I have found for you to digest! By Debbie Baigrie.

  • Ask Mr. Vitamins
    For the Nutritionally Concerned, including what does the world organic really mean?

  • Big Time Comedian
    Aged but not forgotten. Tim Wilkins specializes in fitness comedy.

  • Natural Bits & Pieces
    More muscle magazines; Mike and Ray Mentzer, Veggies and more.