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June 2001

Physical Magazine's tag line is 'high energy, sports nutrition'. The magazine's timely information will help you make decisions regarding how you are living 'The Physical Lifestyle'. This month's cover features Dan Blakely.

June 2001
Table of Contents
Volume 4, Issue 6


  • Get Fit, Fight Fat
    Learn the right combination of caloric restriction and exercise to maximize your fat burning efforts for a phenomenal physique.

  • Hamstrings
    Don't just do lower body exercises that bulk up your quads. Here's a program to blast the hamstrings and build massive legs.

  • Creatine Myths
    A sports nutrition scientist separates fast from fiction about creatine.

  • Real World Training
    Volleyball: This workout will have you serving, digging, setting and spiking like a pro.


  • Graffiti
    • Body Chem 101
    • In The Spotlight: Tara Nott
    • The Expert Column
    • Lab Insider
    • Book Review

  • Physical Girl
    June 2001 Physical Girl Lisa Hourin

  • New Stuff
    Fit Stik: Your home gym in a box

  • Locker Room
    Exercise and fitness Q&As for women.

  • Cutting Edge
    Insiders report: What's new in sports nutrition and gear.

  • Personal Trainer
    Training Q&As to put your progress in overdrive.

  • Body Online
    Internet sites you can surf for fitness tips.