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Fall 2001

Jeff Everson's Planet Muscle is a new magazine published quarterly reflected on training and nutrition articles. It's slogan is 'Muscling in on Bodybuilding Truth'. On the cover is Grant and Theresa Henderson.

Fall 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 4, Number 4


  • Grand Glorious Glutes 2001
    We like them round, do you?

Pumping Opinions

  • Editorial
    Flesh of the Gods: Physiques greatest posers! By Jeff Everson

  • Jeff's Crazy Planetarium
    The Planet Muscle forum for training, nutrition and everything else. Questions include 'Are you in bed with Worldwide'; 'Dr. Squat'; 'Protein Battles', and many more…

  • Hot Products
    Hot Products…

  • Reader's Rap
    Reader's write to Jeff…

Muscle Evolution

  • The Glycemic Conundrum
    This revolutionary new food and supplement paradigm is helping bodybuilders, athletes and even couch potatoes learn how to get lean and healthy.

  • Cell Fusion and Polar Lipids
    The new science of Liposomes and Polar Lipids. The goal of all these products is to really raise IGF (insulin growth factor). Undoubtly very soon, science will develop IGF products bound with liposomes that reall can be absorbed.

  • Glycerine: A second look
    Why is glycerine used in nutritional bars? How does glycerine differ metabolically from carbohydrates? How does glycerine affect the glycemic response?

Sets and Reps

  • F-ST2
    Miracle muscle with Cycle Training. There for four specific cycles, including Hypertrophy, Strength / Power, Power, and Rejuvenation.

Sex, Health, Longevity

  • Estrogen
    Testosterone's little sister, the final key to ultimate muscularity.

Strength, Sports, Power

  • Brobdingnagians of Strength
    Karl Norberg: The original natural giant of strength.

Planet Babes

  • Grant Henderson / Sherry Lee
    Grant Henderson is muscling from one jungle to another, from South Africa to California. Sherry Lee is our bombastic Budapest babe!