Reform Magazine

January 2001

Reform Magazine is sponsored by Scitec Nutrition, which is the sole advertiser in this issue. The magazine, 52 pages long, offers various articles, and info. On the cover is Angie Chittenden.

Premier Issue January 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue 1

Inside the Insider

  • Editorial
    Welcome to the first issue of Reform, a magazine devoted to preventative health care, and improving the quality of your life.

  • Bikini Model Gets Fit
    Angie Chittenden - Hot New Face in Fitness

  • Gain 15 Pounds in Six Weeks
    The MyoMax Study

  • Bodybuilder Photographer
    Rick Schaff - master lensman and fitness enthusiast. Diet and exercise have always been two things that I have been interested in since I was about 12.

  • Healing Powers of Bodybuilding
    Paul Lazar's fight for life. Life is the best playwright. It may seem like a cliche; and despite that or maybe just because of that, it's true. Real life produces the most dramatic scenarios.

  • The Power Of Vitamin C
    Getting Healthy: If I had to pick only one vitamin to take as a part of my daily health plan, my choice would be vitamin C.

  • Preventing Shoulder Injuries
    Avoid dangerous exercises. Shoulder injuries can stop your training routine dead in its track.

  • ReForm Fat Attack
    Reform your body

  • Sirloin Stir Fry
    Healthy recipes. The reason I wanted to have a cooking section is because I think healthy eating is one of the most important aspects for optimum health.