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Sly Magazine
March 2005 - Premier Issue

  • Ah, the premier issue of Sly Magazine. For months, the nutrition and bodybuilding industry have heard about this new magazine from the people who brought us Muscle & Fitness, Flex, National Enquirer, the World Weekly News. We didnít know what to expect. After, all, Slyvestor Stallone is one of the main people behind his new product line, Instone Nutrition, which had huge booths at the 2004 Arnold Classic, and the 2004 Mr. Olympia, with Slyvestor attending both of these events. But now we know what the magazine is all about, a hint stars with the slogan "Stay in the Game Past 40".

    The magazine, which came out on February 1st, 2005, is geared towards the 40+ health conscious and gym fitness person, although the first issue features porn star, Jenna Jameson, which was interesting. It features articles like questions and answers with Ray Liotta, a sneak peek into Rocky VI, behind the scenes of the Contender Reality series, and 25 Ways To Beat the Clock. While somewhat entertaining, with 120 pages, it is not for the bodybuilding nor fitness industry, but definitely more for the mainstream audience.

    Here is the premiere issueís editorial by Sylvestor.

      A while back, I heard a story that will affect you: The average person lives out 75 years. Now, if you multiply 75 years times 52 weeks, you come up with 3,900 weeks of life. Thatís it. Thatís all the average person has. Then I thought, hell, Iím 58. Which means I have roughly 884 weekends left. Eight hundred and eighty four weeks? Damn! Talk about a wake up call.

      Brothers and sisters, it seems itís all over in the blink of an eye. So letís be more selfish with who, or where, we spend our precious time. With 884 weekends left, I now only do things that make my heart and soul feel satisfied. I take that trip, buy that car, call that friend, tell that special someone I love them when they least expect it.

      Pay attention to the really important things in life. Be the guy who tells the joke, not the recipient of the punch line. Be the predator, not the food source. Gorge yourself at that banquet of life until the only thing left on the table are crumbs. In other words, youíre an army of one. So, itís up to you to either lead the charge with conquest on your mind... or sound the trumpets of retreat. If youíre reading this magazine, youíre already hitting the ground running. Enjoy the first issue.

    Table of Contests - March 2005 - Premier Issue


      • Behind the Scenes: The Contender: Stallone's new reality TV boxing show produces just as much drama outside the ring as it does in it.

      • Stay In The Game: What every weekend warrior needs to know about avoiding injuries.

      • A New Take On Spring Break: Seven epic trips you can take right now

      • 25 Way To Beat The Block: A round up of the best, most scientifically proven secrets for shaving a decade off your appearance.

      • Health Strategies: Find the right fatt loss plan for your personality.

      • Rocky IV: A sneak peek into the next chapter in the Italian Stallion's saga.

      • Jenna Jameson: Adult film's biggest starlet takes you behind the scenes of the porn industry.

      • Sly's Top 10 Tips for Life: Life lessons from the man behind the magazine.


      • Letters: Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will stop us from printing your well written thoughts.

      • Tough Questions: Our inquisitive editor-in-chief puts actor Ray Liotta in the hot seat.

      • Upfronts
        • Why Kim Basinger is a classic beauty?
        • How to get 'The Look'; Expert tips for keeping your temper in check
        • Best selling author Jackie Collins on how to tame the fairer sex
        • An inside look at how to save your family even when you can't save your marriage
        • Trick the missus into thinking the 2005 Land Rover is the car for her.
        • The best wines and cigars for every situation
        • Entreprenaurial advice from James Koch, founder of Sam Adams beer.
        • DVD reviews: the best boxing flicks of all time
        • Great family vacation spots
        • The best classic car ever
        • The latest high definition televisions
        • What's hot on Hollywood's reading list and more.

      • Health & Wellness
        • Winning the war on wrinkles
        • Weight loss advice to get you through the battle of the bulge
        • How to eat for maximum energy
        • A guide to avoiding common aches and pains, and more.

      • All Gain, No Pain: Dust off the plates and pack on the weight to melt fat and build super strength. Sly-style.


  • Volume 1, Number 1. Sly Magazine is published by American Media Consumer Magazine Group Inc, 1000 American Media Way, Boca Raton, Florida, 33464-1000. Canadian GST Registration Number is R133912394.

    Editorial Director: Sylvester Stallone
    Chairman, President & CEO: David Pecker
    EVP, Chief Editorial Director: Bonnie Fuller
    Editor in Cheif: Neal Boulton

    Executive Editor: Adam Campbell
    Deputy Editor: Brian Good
    Managing Editor: Nancy W. Miller
    Senior Editors: Bill Schulz, Ky Henderson
    Sex and Relationship Editor: Belisa Vranich
    Entertainment Editor: ANthony Sacramone
    Fashion Editor: Tyler Gray
    Fitness Editor: Sean Hyson
    Electronics Editor: Les Shu
    Assistant Editor: Nate Millado
    Copy Editors: Debbie Browning, Dot Ramsey
    Production Unit: Tom Fox, Matt Skowronski
    Editorial Intern: Lauren Kraker
    Editorial Consultant: Joe Policy
    Art Director: Carlos Plaza
    Associate Designer: Jayme Rans
    Photography Editor: Sally Westbrook
    Assistant Photography Editor: Michelle Stark

  • When you do a web search for Sly Magazine, you find that it is a publication about women's shoes. It has nothing to do with this magazine at all.