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March 1998

Steele Jungle Publications is a quarterly newspaper dedicated to bodybuilding, powerlifting and exercise. Our emphasis is on natural conditioning; our philosophy to enhance public knowledge and awareness on the dangerous side effects of anabolic steroids, androgens and growth hormones. On the cover is Charly Moss.

March 1998 Table of Contents
Volume 7, Number 23


  • Allegheny Mega Natural stirs Controversy
  • Bogus Powerlifting Sanctions
  • Faust announces Annapolis contest
  • French National Team workshop
  • High school girls on dope
  • Natural Bodybuilding on the net
  • Natural Schedules
  • NPC Pocono Classic evolves
  • Rounding up the usual suspects
  • Sugarloaf Strongman / Strongwoman


  • David DePalma: Guest Poser for Mr/Ms Connecticut
  • Jay Jaillet: Kid USA Pro Wrestler
  • Justin Kaye: aka Big Guns
  • AK Leinbach: The American Dream
  • Daniel Moorie: Aces North Carolina Supernatural
  • Charley Moss: Keeps on ticking and ticking
  • Diane Plaitano: Her secret life with Enzo
  • Joanne Weaver: Buckeye Bodies by Jo


  • AAU East Coast Iron Classic
  • AAU Jr./Masters America
  • ACBA Mr/Ms Baldwin Hills
  • NABF Connecticut Supernatural
  • NABF Tri-State
  • NABF NE USA Jr. Nationals
  • Big Bad NPC Eastern Classic


  • Building a better body
  • Coach said be a good sport
  • Love thy Training
  • Strength knows no gender


  • Missing Link Sold
  • Pre-Contest Dieting
  • Test for EPO blood doping
  • Women's Fitness Misconceptions


  • IFBB Drug testing at North American
  • Setting record straight on doping
  • Soiled Thoughts
  • Sports and drugs in France
  • What happened at the Ohio Natural?