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Road To The Pros Reality Television Show
September 24, 2005

  • Road to the Pros is a reality TV show about pursuing the passion of health, fitness, body building and weight training to the professional level. This show picks up with twelve elite bodybuilding and fitness athletes as they enter the final eight weeks of preparation before the NPC Nationals. This is the final qualifier of 2005 to pursue and win and IFBB Pro status. (Not to leave the Figure competitors out, Road To The Pros Season 2 is all about you!)

    The twelve athletes take on the challenges of training 24/7 - diet, training, multiple cardio sessions, knowing the world is watching them. The last four weeks brings these athletes down to the wire. Are they built for this? Are they the stuff that PROS are made of? Follow their work, dedication and passion as they pursue elite status in the professional world of fitness.

    Toney Freeman, IFBB Pro Body Builder, hosts this quest for the ultimate goal, the Pro Card! Twelve athletes in amateur body building and fitness competition seek pro status as the culmination of years of training and the final grueling eight weeks of preparation for the 2005 NPC Nationals. This road travels from the athletes' home towns to the lights of Las Vegas for the Olympia, and finally back to Atlanta for the final pose down.

    So far, the list includes Randy Jackson (Men's Bantam Weight), Travor Richardson (Men's Super Heavy Weight), Grigori Atoyan (Men's Heavy Weight), Bill Wilmore (Men's Super Heavy Weight), Carla Sakittu (Women's Light Weight), and Heidi Lynn Fletcher (Women's Fitnesss). More info coming soon...

    Road to the Pros asks these competitors ... are you built for this?

    For more information, go to, or contact Jay Hammett at

    Press Release #1

  • ATLANTA, GA – September 24, 2005. America’s #1 Fitness Reality Show, creator J.Hammett and Hardbody Entertainment, LLC would like to send a special thanks to John Romano for sharing the love in the November 2005 issue of Muscular Development. In his outspoken “The Romano Factor”, John listed Road to the Pros among the upcoming, yet limited prospects available for individual fitness athletes, both amateur and pro, to broaden their horizons for recognition and commercial opportunity. Unable to access the lucrative opportunities afforded team sports athletes, bodybuilding and fitness athletes will have a chance to reap some financial gain. As John says, “A reward far greater than available in the competitive trenches”.

    Road to the Pros is a reality show being filmed during the last eight weeks before the National Physique Committee (NPC), the largest US amateur bodybuilding organization, presents the NPC Nationals, the final Pro Qualifier of the year in Atlanta on November 18-19. Twelve of the NPC’s top qualifying athletes in men’s and women’s bodybuilding and fitness show the world what it really takes to compete at the national level and win the top ticket, the IFBB Pro Card. Among these are Vyotech’s Bill Wilmore, Prolab’s Stan McQuay and female bodybuilding superstar, Carla Salotti. Along the way, these dedicated athletes share the diet, the training, the hours of cardio, and the passion for the sport that is needed to follow this road. With a stop at the 2005 Olympia in Las Vegas at the four week point, the bodybuilding world will get its first real view of Road to the Pros. From there, the excitement builds for the final posedown in Atlanta and the question is answered, “Are You Built For This?”

    Press Release #2

  • ATLANTA, GA – September 24, 2005. You know that cartoon about the bodybuilders you’ve seen on the Web? You know, somebody on the muscle boards is always posting up one. Yea! Muscle .. something! Yea! That’s the one! I love those!

    ROAD TO THE PROS (, America’s #1 Fitness Reality Show, creator J.Hammett and Hardbody Entertainment, LLC are proud to welcome John Gleneicki, creator of the MUSCLEHEDZ® ( cartoon series to the team! Mr. Gleneicki’s characters have graced the back of Flex Magazine and have been favorites of the online fitness community since 1992. With the help of modern technology, well really its still mostly hand drawing each frame, MUSCLEHEDZ® be brought to life in animated spots during each episode of Road to the Pros.

    Anyone who has ever tried to compete in a fitness sport like bodybuilding or even anyone who has done more than an occasional ride on the stationary bike can appreciate the humorous side of this dedication to the “fitness lifestyle”. As John explained, this cartoon isn’t just about bodybuilders. Sure, the big, muscle-bound characters in the series are obviously the stereotypical gym rats, but anyone who goes to the gym and tries to follow some sort of healthy diet is a “musclehed”. Just as Road to the Pros shows the hard work, dedication, long hours and stress of national level bodybuilding and fitness competition, the addition of MUSCLEHEDZ® to the show will highlight the lighter side of cardio, going to the gym, or eating tuna and egg whites for breakfast that so many of us can relate to.

    Road to the Pros is a reality show that follows twelve of the top amateur men’s and women’s bodybuilding and fitness athletes through the last grueling eight weeks of preparation for the final Pro Qualifier of the year. The National Physique Committee (NPC) will present the National Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships in Atlanta, Georgia on November 18-19, where the final posedown leads to the IFBB Pro Card at the end of the road. Chronicling not only the day-to-day progress and stresses of these athletes, but also the hottest events in the industry, such as the 2005 Olympia in Las Vegas, Road to the Pros shows what it really takes to answer the question “Are You Built For This?”