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Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan going back to Nevada in 7-10 days
January 9, 2006, by Ron Avidan

  • Monday morning, January 9th, and the big news is that Craig Titus and his lawyer waived rendition today in court. This means that Craig is not fighting extradition, and will be moved to Nevada and Clark County within 7 to 10 days.

    As for Kelly Ryan, she and her lawyer waived rendition last week, so she will also be coming to Nevada in the same time span.

    I am pretty sure that there will be no court appearance for either one of them this week in Massachusetts.

    Lots of stories about Craig & Kelly's personal lifestyle has been coming out, some very interesting, all of it sensationalism as people are very interested in these two.

    But lets all remember that while it is interesting to read, there is only one question that really matters. Was there a crime committed, and did they do the crime. All of these stories have nothing to do with the other.