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Geraldo At Large 1/12/06: Lonnie Teper appears on the show
January 12, 2006

    First of all, before we even begin, what was Geraldo thinking of when he ended this story. Does he even pay attention to the stories he reads? Does he care? Shame on Geraldo!!! So what did he say that pissed off many - "I smell steroid rage". What kind of comment is that? Is there anywhere that says steroids played a role in this tragic situation? Or just because bodybuilding was involved, that comment has to be made. I think that we should award Geraldo the 'Stupid Comment' of the month award...

    Anyway, here is what started the segment. Today, the mystery of Melissa James. The story of mucles, murder and mystery. A young woman found dead in the outskirts of Vegas in a slaying cops say that was set up by a couple she knew well, maybe too well.

    It was nice to see Geraldo At Large credit for a number of photos, at least 8-10 different photos were used from the site. These photos were given at no charge, and we hope that people would support and donate to the "Melissa James Fund" to help cover some expenses that the family will have in laying her to rest when the time comes.

    Lonnie Teper writes for Ironman Magazine. He has known Craig Titus for 16 years. He is also a noted emcee of over 300 bodybuilding shows, and has a great knowledge of various bodybuilders.

    Lonnie says "I dont know what happened. I dontí know who did what. Itís really not so much about a story of bodybuilding and two bodybuilders. I think itís a story just about life for Melissa Jamesí mother and family. Itís really a tragic situation."

    More pictures surfaced of Melissa James on this show, showing her in good times with Craig & Kelly.