2007 NPC USA: 400+ competitors
Be there for the battle July 27-28

  • 400+ competitors. The battle lines are drawn. For come July 27-28, a new record will be broken at the NPC USA's in Las Vegas. They will come from all over the USA, and neither heat, nor nerves, nor anything will stop them from showing off their physiques and becoming a part of history.

    200+ figure, 200+ bodybuilding. The best amateurs will be there, to show their fans, their colleagues, their family that they can stand up to the heat, and in the end, a few will get the special coveted prize - the elusive IFBB pro card invitation. The rest will get the satisfaction of having stood in one of the best lineups ever, and all of their hard work, dieting, training, mental state of mind - will be appreciated, in front of everyone - with writers, photographers and videographers ready to record their moment in time.

    Can you handle the heat? Can you handle Las Vegas? From what I know of the NPC USA's, you have one of the best teams taking care of everything. From an excellent promoter Jon Lindsay handling all of what you need, to the best emcee in bodybuilding, Lonnie Teper at the mike, to an excellent team and expediters running things smoothly all over, the NPC USA's is one of the best amateur bodybuilding and figure contest out there. And this year, it will break all records.

    400. Let the battle begin.

The official flyer of the 2007 NPC USAs