2008 Boise Fitness Expo
Jay Cutler isnt afraid of the big bad Wolf
Ron Avidan getting some sense knocked into him
Updated: April 13, 2008

Ah, leave it up to an encounter in Boise, Idaho at the 2008 Boise Fitness Expo where Jay Cutler himself decided to talk to Ron about his pick of who will win the 2008 Mr. Olympia. A few weeks back, in a heated moment on the boards, I got caught up into the action, and, in a moment of passion, said that Dennis Wolf is going to win the 2008 Mr. Olympia. Originally, I had Jay Cutler as my top prediction, but when Lonnie Teper went with Jay (and since Lonnie is usually wrong), Dennis Wolf was the choice.

Well, take that Ron! I want you to think really hard on your choice! Who is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf! Not Jay Cutler, and he gave me quite a knock to think about who will win the 2008 Mr. Olympia!

Get some sense into you! I am the two time Mr. O champion! And this year, all doubters will be silenced! In thinking about it, Jay makes a very good point. Hey, his arm is as big as my head! And the fans were screaming to to get a picture and autograph of Jay in the 2008 Boise Fitness Expo!

Then Jay gets on stage. This is Jay Cutler in the off season, I full 5 1/2 months before the Olympia. Everyone was amazed in the audience at seeing just how huge and muscular Jay was. If I had any doubts, it was erased that evening.

Jay is not on a diet yet, as he is starting his diet next week, most likely eating only fish for 5 straight months as his main source of protein. Grilled, of course, on the BBQ at his multi-million dollar house! And judging my this side shot, his stomach is smaller than mine!

So there you go, I am back to my original pick on who will win the 2008 Mr. Olympia! Why I wavered, I don't know. But after my encounter with Jay, and get some sense knocked into me, Jay Cutler will be crowned as the champion for the third straight year!