2006 Olympia Prize Money increased again to a new record!
Updated: August 16, 2006

  • The Olympia Weekend and it's IFBB pro shows continue to break records as 2006 has increased the prize money once again. Incredible to all of those competitors who have earned the right to compete in the greatest IFBB shows of the year. Kudos to the promoters who have again done a great job regarding the prize money. Here is the breakdown for 2006.

    Mr. Olympia
    Placing2006 Prize Money
    1st place$155,000
    2nd place$90.000
    3rd place$60,000
    4th place$48,000
    5th place$38,000
    6th place$30,000
    7th place$18,000
    8th place$17,000
    9th place$16.000
    10th place$14.000
    11th place
    and lower

    Ms. Olympia
    Placing2006 Prize Money
    1st place$30,000
    2nd place$18.000
    3rd place$10,000
    4th place$7,000
    5th place$4,000
    6th place$2,000

    Fitness Olympia
    Placing2006 Prize Money
    1st place$23,000
    2nd place$14,500
    3rd place$9,500
    4th place$6,500
    5th place$4,500
    6th place$2,000

    Figure Olympia
    Placing2006 Prize Money
    1st place$20,000
    2nd place$10,000
    3rd place$8,000
    4th place$4,500
    5th place$3,500
    6th place$2,000

    Olympia Prize Money200620052004
    Mr. Olympia$546,000$500,000$399,000
    Ms. Olympia$ 71,000$ 71,000 $ 61,000
    Fitness Olympia$ 60,000 $ 55,000 $ 50,000
    Figure Olympia$ 48,000$ 35,000$ 30,000
    Totals$725,000$661,000 $540,000