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Arnold Schwarzenegger to serve as Executive Editor
of Muscle & Fitness and FLEX Magazines
Press Release: March 6, 2004

  • David Pecker, CEO of America Media, Inc. announced today that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will serve as the Executive Editor of two of the word's most popular fitness magazines - FLEX and Muscle & Fitness.

    "I've made it my mission over the years to educate people about the enormous benefits of physical fitness," Governor Schwarzenegger said. "To continue this mission, I am turning to my lifelong partners, Muscle & Fitness and FLEX magazines. I believe that together we can encourage millions of Americans to take charge of their health and improve their lives."

    Schwarzenegger will continue to author the column he was written for Muscle & Fitness for almost ten years and will play a role in long-term strategic planning for the magazines.

    The announcement comes as a result of a strong relationship forged between the magazines and Schwarzenegger. He was first invited to appear on the cover of Muscle Builder / Power in 1968 by Joe Weider, the original publisher, after winning two consecutive Mr. Universe titles. In 1980, the magazine was renamed Muscle & Fitness, and in 1983, it spawned a second successful magazine called FLEX. Schwarzenegger subsequently appeared on the cover of Muscle & Fitness more than 30 times and on the cover of FLEX nearly 20 times throughout his bodybuilding and film careers.

    "I can't imagine anyone in the world who better represents the ideals of self-improvement and achievement that FLEX and Muscle & Fitness stand for than Arnold Schwarzenegger," said David Pecker. "He is living proof that you can achieve your dreams."

    Muscle & Fitness and FLEX have very generously committed to $250,000 annually for at least the next five years to the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness. The Council's mission and the mission of the magazines are practically identical - educating people on fitness and encouraging them to improve their lives.

    AMI is one of the largest media companies in the U.S. The company publishes six of the 14 best selling weekly magazines, including the National Enquirer and Star. AMI recently acquired Weider Publications, the leading publisher of health and fitness titles including Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, Shape and Men's Fitness. The company also publishes the best selling country magazine, Country Weekly, a Latino entertainment magazine, Mira!, two automotive magazines, AMI's Auto World and NOPI Street Performance Compact, and more than 200 mini-magazines and digests. AMI recently launched its own book division with 10 titles released to date and owns Distribution Services, Inc., the country's #1 in-store magazine distribution company.

  • For more info, contact: AMI's Stuart Zakim (212) 743-6524 or AMI's Holly Taylor (212) 843-9220, or Governor Schwarzenegger's Office Katherine McLane (916) 445-1682.