Getbig2004 Arnold Classic

Top Six Prize Presentation

Top six competitors

Craig Titus received 6th, and $6,000 from Jan Tana.

Markus Ruhl received 5th, and $11,000 from the Columbus Dispatch.

Gunter Schlierkamp received 4th, and $25,000 from VPX.

Dexter Jackson recieved 3rd, and $35,000 from Pinnacle/Bodyonics.

Chris Cormier received 2nd, and $55,000 from Net Jets.

Jay Cutler holding up three fingers in his three-peat at the Arnold Classic.

Jay received $100,000, tropy, a Hummer, and a T-3 watch were presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Prize money was donated by Weider Publications

Oh yes, a special 2004 Arnold Classic Champions jacket.