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Craig Titus Responds to the King Kamali Interview
By Ron Avidan

  • From sources around Gold's Venice, and at the Ironman Pro, Craig Titus has responded to the accusations of what happened between King Kamali and Craig Titus.

    It all started when King Kamali started going too far in his proclamations when he said that 'The West Coast dickheads ego's are bigger than their synthol pumped bodies'. Craig Titus thought it was his duty to defend the West Coast Bodybuilders. Although King Kamali did not actually accuse Craig Titus, he thought his comments were directed at him since he is in the group.

    Craig also thought that he was disrespecting some of the great bodybuilders because King Kamali was making all sorts of claims and remarking, and he did not even compete in a professional show yet. (The Ironman Pro was his first show). When King made comments regarding Shawn Ray being an asshole, Craig had enough, and fired an e-mail expressing his displeasure with King Kamali. Things deteriated from there.

    So yes, things never was cleared up, and when the Ironman Pro came along, it got interesting. Craig Titus, during prejuding, was calling him a 'Big Mouth' at the show, because of those comments. When King Kamali got winded between each posing rounds and call outs, Craig made comments like 'Why don't you get an oxygen tank, rookie, what's up?.

    King Kamali uses Chad Nichols. Chad is a great nutritionist. In training and dieting, Craig Titus currently does not work with anybody. Craig does his own stuff. He believes that if you are a bodybuilder, you should do your own thing. Every time Craig used someone, it has done nothing but screwed him up. That is why he beleives that in the 2001 Ironman Pro, he has looked the best ever. It was because he did his own dieting and his own training.

    For the Arnold Clasic, Craig is going to come about 5-6 pounds lighter, and even more shredded. There was no questions that King Kamali was harder than Craig Titus. But Craig plans to stop drinking water at 8pm the night before the Arnold Classic, instead of 11pm which he did the night before the Ironman Pro. Craig also was tigher and harder during the evening show than in prejuding.

    Craig Titus can become a world class bodybuilder. The main reason some of the bodybuilders are ahead of Craig Titus is because he went away to prison for two years, but Craig understands and accepts that reality.