Getbig2006 Olympia Weekend
Various Pictures

Various Expo Pictures

Smoking Jamie Eason didnt feel too good, and almost didn't compete in the Model Search, which she won on Saturday.

Charles Glass, trainer of champions, with Auis Ware

X marks the spot with Jenna Meadows

Sean Allen with Kristen Poltoirah (used to be Arntz)

Sean is still in great shape from his PDI competition

Melvin Anthony with Vince Spiro

Shawn Ray with Mitsuru Okabe

Isabell Lago extends some help at the Scivation booth

Marc Lobliner and Chuck Rudolph, authors of the book 'Game Over'. Marc will be competing in three weeks at the local North Carolina NPC show.

Jennifer Chamberlain and Mandy Fanelli with Chris Thompson

The rookie sensation, the gift himself, Phil Heath, at the Met-Rx booth

Amy Villanelson

Bridgette Malinger

Julia & Lena

Liz Galant