Craig Titus

Talked to Craig Titus, who married Kelly Ryan, 2000 Fitness International winner at June 6th, 2000, at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. They had eloped, and while people always talk about things can't last, Craig intends to prove everyone that Kelly and him are the real thing, madly in love! Craig is planning to do the 2001 Arnold Classic, and the 2001 Toronto Pro as his next contests, and plans to gain 10 more pounds that his previous outings. On talking about his last shows, at the 2000 Ironman, his color tone was messed up, and at the 2000 Arnold Classic, he was still learning how to get ready for a pro show. By the 2000 Toronto show, he felt he received a decent placing. You might remember that Craig had been in jail after winning his Pro card, which made for quite a while before he competed in a pro show.