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2023 Mr. Olympia Results
November 2-4, 2023, in Orlando, Florida

Derek Lunsford defeated Hadi Choopan in an incredible tight contest, with fans split 50-50 over who should of won this contest. The 59th Mr. Olympia event even was held on the Orange County Convention in Orlando, Florida.

1Derek LunsfordUSA
2Hadi ChoopanIran
3Samson DaudaUnited Kingdom
4Brandon CurryUSA
5Chinedu Andrew ObiekeaUAE
6Hunter LabradaUSA
7Michal KrizanekSlovakia
8Tonio BurtonUSA
9Regan GrimesCanada
10Charles GriffenUSA
11Hassan MostafaEgypt
12Andrea PrestiItaly
13Theo LeguerrierFrance
14Roman FritzGermany
15Justin ShierUSA
16Phil ClaharUSA
xxRoss FlaniganUSA

2022 Mr. Olympia Results
December 17-18, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada

1Hadi Choopan
2Derek Lunsford
3Nick Walker
4Brandon Curry
5Mamdouh 'Ramy' Elssbiay
6Samson Dauda
7Hunter Labrada
8Andrew Obiekea
9William Bonac
10Rafael Brandao
11Iain Valliere
12Michael Krizanek
13Patrick Johnson
14Charles Griffen
15Justin Rodriguez
16Akim Williams
16Andrea Muzi
16Andrea Presti
16Antoine Vaillant
16Blessing Awodibu
16James Hollingshead
16Joel Thomas
16Mohamed Shaaban
16Mohammad Alnsoor
16Theo Leguerrier
16Tonio Burton
16Vitor Hugo Boff
16Vladyslav Sukhoruchko

2021 Mr. Olympia Results
October 20-21, 2021, in Orlando, Florida

1Mamdouh (Big Ramy) Elssbiay
2Brandon Curry
3Hadi Choopan
4Hunter Labrada
5Nicholas Walker
6William Bonac
7Iain Valliere
8Justin Rodriguez
9Akim Williams
10Mohamed Shaaban
11Roelly Winklaar
12James Hollingshead
13Hassan Mostafa
14Patrick Moore
15Regan Grimes
16Andrea Presti

2020 Mr. Olympia Results
December 19, 2020, in Orlando, Florida

1Mamdouh (Big Ramy) Elssbiay
2Brandon Curry
3Phil Heath
4Hadi Choopan
5William Bonac
6Akim Williams
7Iain Valliere
8Hunter Labrada
9Dexter Jackson
10Justin Luis Rodriguez
11Lukas Osladil
12Seung Chul Lee
13Maxx Charles
14Antoine Vaillant
15Regan Grimes
16Juan Morel

2019 Mr. Olympia Results
September 14, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada

1Brandon Curry
2William Bonac
3Hadi Choopan
4Dexter Jackson
5Roelly Winklaar
6Steve Kuclo
7Cedric Mcmillan
8Lukas Osladil
9Akim Williams
10Patrick Moore
11Luke Sandoe
12Jonathan Delarosa
13Maxx Charles
14Juan Morel
15Michael Lockett
16Mohamed Shaaban

2018 Mr. Olympia Results
September 16-18, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada

1Shawn Rhoden
2Phil Heath
3Roelly Winklaar
4William Bonac
5Brandon Curry
6Mamdouh (Big Ramy) Elssbiay
7Dexter Jackson
8Nathan De Asha
9Cedric Mcmillan
10Steve Kuclo
11Alexis Rivera
12Lukas Osladil
13Charles Griffen
14Iain Valliere
15Michael Lockett
16Josh Wade
16Juan Morel
16Justin Rodriguez
16Sergio Oliva Jr.

2017 Mr. Olympia Results
September 16-18, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada

1Phil HeathUSA$ 400,000
2Mamdouh "Big Ramy' ElssbiayEgypt$ 200,000
3William BonacNetherlands$ 100,000
4Dexter JacksonUSA$ 55,000
5Shawn RhodenUSA$ 45,000
6Roelly WinklaarCuracao$ 35,000
7Nathan De AshaUK$ 25,000
8Brandon CurryUSA$ 20,000
9Josh LenartowiczAustralia$ 19,000
10Cedric McMillanUSA$ 16,000
11Lionele BeyekeFrance
12Lukas OsladilCzech
13Maxx CharlesUSA
14Johnnie JacksonUSA
15Gerald WilliamsUSA
16Michael LockettUSA
DNFVictor MartinezDominican Republic
DNFJeff BeckhamUSA

2016 Mr. Olympia Results
September 16-18, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada

1Phil Heath$400,000
2Shawn Rhoden$150,000
3Dexter Jackson$100,000
4Big Ramy (Mamdouh Elssbiay)$55,000
5William Bonac$45,000
6Roelly Winklaar$35,000
7Cedric McMillan$25,000
8Dallas McCarver$20,000
9Josh Lenartowicz$19,000
10Justin Compton$16,000
11Victor Martinez
12Nathan DeAsha
13Steve Kuclo
14Ben Pakulski
15Akim Williams
16Brandon Curry
16Michael Lockett
16Kevin Levrone
16Lukas Osladil

2015 Mr. Olympia Results
September 19-21, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada

1Phil Heath
2Dexter Jackson
3Shawn Rhoden
4Dennis Wolf
5Big Ramy
6Branch Warren
7Roelly Winklaar
8William Bonac
9Victor Martinez
10Essa Obiad
11 Juan Morel
12Max Charles
13Dallas Mccarver
14Ronny Rockel
15Johnnie Jackson
16Aziz Jalali
16Brad Rowe
16Brandon Curry
16Fred Smalls
16Jonathan Delarosa
16Mohamed Bannout
16Robert Piotrkowicz
16Steve Kuclo

2014 Mr. Olympia Results
September 19-20, 2014 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Orleans Arena)

1Phil HeathUSA$275,000
2Kai GreeneUSA$130,000
3Shawn RhodenUSA$90,000
4Dennis WolfGermany$55,000
5Dexter JacksonUSA$45,000
6Branch WarrenUSA$35,000
7Mamdouh 'Ramy' ElssbiayKuwait$25,000
8Victor MartinezDominican Republic$20,000
9Steve KucloUSA$19,000
10Juan MorelUSA$16,000
11Johnnie JacksonUSA
12Roelly WinklaarCuracao
13Fred SmallsUSA
14Jonathan DelarosaUSA
15William BonacNetherlands
16Ibrahim Sami FahimEgypt
17JoJo NtiforoUSA

2013 Mr. Olympia Results
September 27-28, 2013 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Orleans Arena)

1Phil Heath
2Kai Greene
3Dennis Wolf
4Shawn Rhoden
5Dexter Jackson
6Jay Cutler
7Roelly Winklaar
8Mamdouh Elssbiay
9Branch Warren
10Lionel Beyeke
11Victor Martinez
12Cedric McMillan
13Evan Centopani
14Steve Kuclo
15Toney Freeman
16Baitollah Abbaspour
16Brandon Curry
16Johnnie Jackson
16Essa Obaid
16Robert Piotrkowicz

2012 Mr. Olympia Results
September 28-29, 2012 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Orleans Arena)

1Phil HeathUSA5510
2Kai GreeneUSA101020
3Shawn RhodenUSA151631
4Dexter JacksonUSA202040
5Branch WarrenUSA253156
6Dennis WolfGermany352459
7Toney FreemanUSA303464
8Evan CentopaniUSA424082
9Johnnie JacksonUSA454691
10Lionel BeyekeFrance5152103
11Ben PakulskiCanada5455109
12Roelly WinklaarNetherlands6262124
13Ronny RockelGermany6367130
14Essa ObaidUAE7265137
15Hidetada YamagishiJapan7475149
16Bill WilmoreUSA7476150
17Baitollah AbbaspourIran8080160
17Fred SmallsUSA8080160
17Michael KefalianosAustralia8080160

2011 Mr. Olympia Results
September 16-17, 2011 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Orleans Arena)

With Jay Cutler sporting a torn bicep, Phil Heath, looking in the best shape of his career, catapulted to become the king of the bodybuilding pros! What an incredible moment. Prize Money - 1st - $200K, 2nd - $100K, 3rd - $75K, 4th - $50K, 5th - $40K, 6th - $30K, 7th - $18K, 8th - $17K, 9th - $16K, 10th - $14K.

1Phil HeathUSA5510
2Jay CutlerUSA101020
3Kai GreeneUSA151631
4Victor MartinezDominican Republic262046
5Dennis WolfGermany232447
6Dexter JacksonUSA252954
7Toney FreemanUSA383775
8Brandon CurryUSA444084
9Ronny RockelGermany454489
10Hidetada YamagishiJapan454893
11Shawn RhodenUSA5055105
12Edward NunnUSA6761128
13Johnnie JacksonUSA6567132
14Marius DohneSouth Africa6967136
15Craig RichardsonUSA7773150
16Frank McGrathCanada7979
17Ben WhiteUSA8080
17Evgeny MishinRussia8080
17Marc LaVoieCanada8080
17Marcus HaleyUSA8080
17Michael KefalianosAustralia8080
17Robert PiotrkowiczPoland8080
17Robert BurneikaUSA8080
17Troy AlvesUSA8080

2010 Mr. Olympia Results
September 24-25, 2010 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Orleans Arena)

Jay Cutler, with his muscularity, beat an incredible conditioned Phil Heath. Most disappointing was Kai Greene, who failed to live up to the hype with a stunning 7th place, out of the overall posedown for the evening, even though he did look better on Saturday night than Friday's prejudging. Here is the prize money for this contest. Prize Money - 1st - $200K, 2nd - $100K, 3rd - $75K, 4th - $50K, 5th - $40K, 6th - $30K, 7th - $18K, 8th - $17K, 9th - $16K, 10th - $14K.

PlaceNameCountryComp #1+24Points
1Jay CutlerUSA226511
2Phil HeathUSA1891019
3Branch WarrenUSA1161531
4Dexter JacksonUSA13192039
5Dennis WolfGermany4262551
6Ronny RockelGermany12303060
7Kai GreeneUSA153535
8Victor MartinezUSA93636
9Toney FreemanUSA204545
10Hidetada YamagishiJapan145656
11Dennis JamesGermany115757
11Johnnie JacksonUSA165757
13Marcus HaleyUSA56464
14Roelly WinklaarNetherlands67373
15Troy AlvesUSA27676
16Edward NunnUSA77878
17Evgeny MishinRussia87979
18Bill WillmoreUSA198080
18Craig RichardsonUSA178080
18Erik FankhouserUSA38080
18Paco BautistaSpain218080
18Robert PiotrkowiczPoland108080

2009 Mr. Olympia Results
September 25-26, 2009 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Orleans Arena)

Whoever was in doubt that the great Jay Cutler could ever come back from losing an Olympia crown, and there were a lot of doubters, was in awe as Jay took the title back. Dexter Jackson, last years winner, lost by ONE point to take third place over a vastly improved Branch Warren. Kai Greene, the winner of the 2009 Arnold, took 4th, while Phil Heath took 5th, again by ONE point. One of the most highly anticipated matchups in the history of the sport.

1Jay CutlerUSA55515
2Branch WarrenUSA16161446
3Dexter JacksonUSA10181947
4Kai GreeneUSA13192254
5Phil HeathUSA24171455
6Victor MartinezDominican Republic30303090
7Ronny RockelGermany354378
8Toney FreemanUSA384280
9Hidetada YamagishiJapan4557102
10Moe El MoussawiNew Zealand5152103
11Melvin AnthonyUSA6044104
11Silvio SamuelSpain4955104
13Gustavo BadellPuerto Rico5359112
14Dennis JamesGermany6171132
15Markus RuhlGermany6372136
16Troy AlvesUSA8080
16Darrem CharlesTrinidad8080
16Ahmad HaidarLebanon8080
16Michael KefalianosAustralia8080
16Martin KjellstromSweden8080
16Joel StubbsBahamas8080
16Bill WilmoreUSA8080
16Dennis WolfGermany8080

2008 Mr. Olympia Results
September 26-27, 2008 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Orleans Arena)

Jay Cutler loses the crown to a very determined Dexter Jackson! Phil Heath, in his rookie debut at the Olympia, places third. Victor Martinez did not compete as he was injured earlier in the year.

1Dexter JacksonUSA1291132
2Jay CutlerUSA2010939
3Phil HeathUSA28131253
4Dennis WolfGermany40232285
5Toney FreemanUSA50222294
6Melvin AnthonyUSA623330125
7Silvio SamuelSpain7632108
8Dennis JamesGermany7443117
9Moe ElmoussawiNew Zealand9451145
10Gustava BadellPuerto Rico10048148
11Darrem CharlesTrinidad10650156
12Johnnie JacksonUSA12265187
13Craig RichardsonUSA13863201
14Ronny RockelGermany13469203
15David HenryUSA14266208
16Kevin EnglishUSA15877235
17Fouad AbiadCanada16080240
17Leo IngramUSA16080240
17Sergey ShelestovRussia16080240

2007 Mr. Olympia Results
September 28-29, 2007 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Orleans Arena)

Jay Cutler wins his second Sandow, although not without reasonable doubt, as Victor Martinez made a very strong case for the title here. The debate on who won will be talked about throughout the years.

1Jay CutlerUSA148628
2Victor MartinezDominican Republic167932
3Dexter JacksonUSA30161662
4Ronnie ColemanUSA48212089
5Dennis WolfGermany502525100
6Melvin AnthonyUSA482930107
7Silvio SamuelSpain7637113
8Gustava BadellPuerto Rico7642118
9Johnnie JacksonUSA9247139
10David HenryUSA9846144
11Ronnie RockelGermany11057167
12Darrem CharlesTrinidad14057197
13Hidetada YamagishiJapan13071201
14Toney FreemanUSA13867205
15Will HarrisUSA14068208
16Mark DugdaleUSA160160
16Sergey Shelestov Russia160160
16Quincy TaylorUSA160160
16Bill WilmoreUSA160160
16Eddie AbbewUnited Kingdom160160
16Vince TaylorUSA160160
16Markus RuhlGermany160160
16Francisco BautistaSpain160160
16Marcus HaleyUSA160160

2006 Mr. Olympia Results
September 29-30, 2006 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Orleans Arena)

An incredible finish leads to Jay Cutler, after 4 times being second, taking the crown from Ronnie, and denying him making history. Ronnie leaves without accepting his second place away.

1Jay CutlerUSA125522
2Ronnie ColemanUSA18101038
3Victor MartinezDominican Republic34161666
4Dexter JacksonUSA36201975
5Melvin AnthonyUSA502526101
6Gustavo BadellPuerto Rico623029121
7Toney FreemanUSA6835103
8Markus RuhlGermany8441125
9Dennis JamesUSA9647143
10Gunter SchlierkampGermany10254156
11Vince TaylorUSA12050170
12Branch WarrenUSA11461175
13Johnnie JacksonUSA13067197
14Darrem CharlesTrinidad14862210
15Troy AlvesUSA14275217
16Francisco 'Paco' BautistaSpain160160
16Dennis WolfGermany160160
16Rodney St. CloudUSA 160160
16Ronny RockelGermany160160
16Mustafa MohammadAustria160160
16Bill WilmoreUSA 160160
16David HenryUSA160160

2005 Mr. Olympia Results
October 15, 2005 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Orleans Arena)

Jay looked great, but Ronnie stole the show, and the king now has an incredible 8 Mr. Olympias. The special Challege Competitions within the Mr. Olympia was interesting, with Gustavo beating the competition there.

1Ronnie ColemanUSA755522
2Jay CutlerUSA810101038
3Gustavo BadellPuerto Rico2119161571
4Gunter SchlierkampGermany2016192075
5Victor MartinezDominican Republic2225262598
6Dannis JamesGermany313237100
7Melvin AnthonyUSA314031102
8Branch WarrenUSA463540121
9Darrem CharlesTrinidad405046136
10Mustafa MohammadJordan575048155
11Johnnie JacksonUSA595152162
12George FarahUSA606161182
13Chris CormierUSA517367191
14David HenryUSA716466201
15Markus RuhlGermany697568212
16Kris DimCambodia7778155
17Craig RichardsonUSA7980159
17Ronnie RockelGermany8079159
19Quincy TaylorUSA8080160
19Alexander FederovRussia8080160
19Mike SheridanUSA8080160
Challenge Round Winner
Gustavo Badell
Best Wheels Winner
Jay Cutler

2004 Mr. Olympia Results
October 30, 2004 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Mandalay Bay Arena)

The new 'Challenge Round' was introduced, changing the way the final top six were scored in the last round. The top six competitors scores were discared after round three, and only the final round mattered in who will win. In the new format, Dexter was the loser, and Gustova was the winner. The difference was worth $10,000.

1Ronnie ColemanUSA5551524
2Jay CutlerUSA1010103021
3Gustavo BadellPuerto Rico2116205713
4Dexter JacksonUSA1519154912
5Markus RuhlGermany4028259310
6Gunter SchlierkampGermany2843301011
7Chris CormierUSA363439109
8Dennis JamesUSA333742112
9Victor MartinezDominican Republic373546118
10Darrem CharlesTrinidad504943142
11Pavol JablonickyCzech576358178
12Kris DimUSA606163184
13Ahmad HaidarLebanon676064191
14Johnnie JacksonUSA797069218
15Troy AlvesUSA727176219
16Craig RichardsonUSA718282235
17Mustafa MohammadJordan858584254
18Richard JonesUSA919189271
19Claude GroulxCanada939195279

2003 Mr. Olympia Results
October 25, 2003 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Chris Cormier pulled out of the Olympia due to sickness, although he was at the press conference. Art Atwood and Kevin Levrone both came into the show after experiences injuries during their training.

1Ronnie ColemanUSA555520
2Jay CutlerUSA1010101040
3Dexter JacksonUSA1615151662
4Dennis JamesUSA1920212080
5Gunter SchlierkampGermany2525232598
6Kevin LevroneUSA30303030120
7Darrem CharlesTrinidad35403935149
8Troy AlvesUSA41363735149
9Melvin AnthonyUSA45413935160
10Ernie TaylorEngland53505135189
11Johnny JacksonUSA53585535201
12Rodney St. CloudUSA58646035217
13Art AtwoodUSA68606535228
14Claude GroulxCanada72736935249
15Lee PriestAustralia71777535258
16Jonathan DavieAustralia80757635266

2002 Mr. Olympia Results
October 19, 2002 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Surprise of the year is Gunter Schlierkamp, who received a standing ovation for his awesome performance. Also, Kevin Levrone for being the best in the evening. Another contest in which the prejudging favored some athletes, and the evening show favorite others.

1Ronnie ColemanUSA5511829
2Kevin LevroneUSA15115738
3Chris CormierUSA1014181759
4Dexter JacksonUSA2220252693
5Gunter SchlierkampGermany51281717113
6Lee PriestAustralia42292828127
7Flex WheelerUSA234145109
8Markus RuhlGermany433736116
9Orville BurkeUSA373755129
10Dennis JamesUSA375044131
11Craig TitusUSA545754165
12Art AtwoodUSA646458186
13Ahmad HaiderLebanon686965202
14Ernie TaylorEngland756369207
15Nasser El SonbatyYugoslavia717873222
16Darrem CharlesTrinidad807680236
17King KamaliUSA699180240
18Bob CicherilloUSA948680260
19George FarahUSA979880275
20Francisco 'Paco' BautistaSpain999980278
21Claude GroulxCanada10110280283
22Tommi ThorvildsenNorway11410980303
23Jaroslav HorvathSlovakia11311680309
24Gustavo BadellPuerto Rico11611780313
25Don YoungbloodUSA12212480326

2001 Mr. Olympia Results
October 27, 2001 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Jay Cutler came from nowhere to capture second place, in which we saw a favorite Chris Cormier go to 5th place, and Nasser El Sonbaty fall to 9th place. It was an extremely exciting show!

1Ronnie ColemanUSA995528
2Jay CutlerUSA66101032
3Kevin LevroneUSA1922152076
4Shawn RayUSA2115212380
5Chris CormierUSA1922241883
6Orville BurkeUSA30353530130
7Dennis JamesUSA363741114
8Dexter JacksonUSA433941123
9Nasser El SonbatyYugoslavia414253136
10Shari 'King' KamaliUSA524845145
11Melvin AnthonyUSA555659170
12Craig TitusUSA615862181
13Vince TaylorUSA776545187
14Markus RuhlGermany627171204
15Gunter SchlierkampGermany757776228
16Tom PrinceUSA788386247
17J.D. DawoduEngland898394266
18Darrem CharlesTrinadad929484270
19Pavol JablonickyCzech969794287
20Claude GroulxCanada949698288
21Mike MatarazzoUSA1019695292

2000 Mr. Olympia Results
October 22, 2000 at Las Vegas, Nevada

With Chris Cormier injured four weeks before the competition, and Paul Dillet and Milos Sarcev also injured, this was going to be a race to the finish. Kevin Levrone looked awesome, as even Flex could not beleive it when he was named third place. The venue, Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas as last year, where the expo booth space doubled.

1Ronnie ColemanUSA555520
2Kevin LevroneUSA1210101042
3Flex WheelerUSA1316161562
4Shawn RayUSA2019172076
5Nasser El SonbatyYugoslavia27253128111
6Lee PriestAustralia41352927132
7Markus RuhlGermany383236106
8Jay CutlerUSA394447130
9Dexter JacksonUSA394850137
10Orville BurkeUSA534846147
11Dennis JamesUSA485050148
12Gunter SchlierkampGermany566058174
13Oleg ZhurUkraine656565195

1999 Mr. Olympia Results
October 23, 1999 at Las Vegas, Nevada

This Mr. Olympia was one of the best organized and attended. The venue was completely sold out, with hundreds trying to get tickets. Interesting note was when Ronnie was proclaimed Mr. Olympia, Flex turned around on stage, and took off his medals, and then put his hand up proclaiming he is #1. The results were:

1Ronnie ColemanUSA555520
2Flex WheelerUSA1010101040
3Chris CormierUSA1515151560
4Kevin LevroneUSA31222325101
5Shawn RayUSA29242426103
6Nasser El SonbatyYugoslavia22303024106
7Paul DillettCanada273738102
8Lee PriestAustralia454139125
9Dexter JacksonUSA414349133
10Milos SarcevYugoslavia545948161
11Mike MatarazoUSA586159178
12Ernie TaylorEngland666859193
13Pavol JablonickyCzech636769199
14Jay CutlerUSA726765204
15Jean Pierre FuxSwitzerland798080239
Disq-12Markus RuhlGermany616069190
WithdrewPorter CottrellUSA

Markus Ruhl placed positive for diuretics and was disqualified. Porter Cottrell withdrew because he was involved in a firefighting accident a few weeks before the Olympia

1998 Mr. Olympia Results
October 10, 1998 at New York, New York

This year, a new Mr. Olympia was crowned, due to Dorian withdrawing from the contest three months ago, and the excitement over who would it be was quite incredible. Madison Square Garden theater was sold out, with over 5,600 fans screaming and yelling for their favorite. Dorian Yates was in the house, officially announcing his retirement, which saddened many who wanted to see him compete one last time in 1999.

With favorites 1998 Arnold Champion Flex Wheeler, 1997 Mr. Olympia runner up Nasser El Sonbaty, and 1998 Night of Champions & Toronto Pro winner Ronnie Coleman all competing for the Sandow, everyone knew it was going to be an awesome contest. Top that with Kevin Levrone (who has won 19 IFBB victories), and Shawn Ray (who was 3rd last year, and competing in his 10th Mr. O), and for the first time in years, no one knew who was going to be in top shape on Oct 10th.

But the winner this evening was Ronnie Coleman, an Arlington Texas police officer, who barely beat Flex Wheeler for the title. Both of these gentlemen had awesome backs, which was probably the main reason that Nasser El Sonbaty was in 3rd, although Nasser was definitely the crowd favorite of the night. Nasser was clearly the biggest, weighing in at 275lbs.

During the second round, Paul Dillett suffered from severe hydration, and went to a hospital to be checked out. He was ruled ok, but did not return for the evening show. After the second round, Flex Wheeler was in first place, Ronnie Coleman 2nd, Nasser El Sonbaty 3rd; Shawn Ray 4th; and Kevin Levrone 5th.

How things can change. Ronnie Coleman overtook Flex in the 4th round, and won by three points! It was an incredibly close contest; one that will be remembered quite fondly. The results were:

1Ronnie ColemanUSA1755532
2Flex WheelerUSA510101035
3Nasser El SonbatyYugoslavia1116171660
4Kevin LevroneUSA2321202084
5Shawn RayUSA1822242589
6Chris CormierUSA40303030130
7Lee PriestAustralia303535100
8Ernie TaylorEngland534042135
9Mike MatarazoUSA544852154
10Jean Pierre FuxSwitzerland535153157
11Milos SarcevYugoslavia615661178
12Johnny MoyaUSA606262184
13Darrem CharlesTrinadad696361193
14Aaron BakerUSA736756196
15Gunter SchlierkampGermany777369219
16Ahmed HaidarLebanon848083247
17Claude GroulxCanada888282252
WithdrewPaul DillettCanada35

1997 Mr. Olympia Results
September 20, 1997 at Long Beach, California

This year, for only the second time in its history, the Mr. O contest involved a two day format, prejudging Friday night; finals Saturday night. Last time this happened was 1989. On Saturday evening, Wayne DeMilia annonced Paul Dillet as being in 4th place, Lee Priest as being in 5th place, and Kevin Levrone as being in 6th place. That was the unofficial standing until Sunday morning, when it was revealed that he had made a mistake. The actual official results is:

1Dorian YatesEngland
2Nasser El SonbatyYugoslavia
3Shawn RayUSA
4Kevin LevroneUSA
5Paul DillettCanada
6Lee PriestAustralia
7Jean-Pierre FuxSwitzerland
8Chris CormierUSA
9Ronnie ColemanUSA
10Milos SarcevYugoslavia
11Mike FrancoisUSA
12Charles ClairmonteBarbados
13Mike MatarazzoUSA
WithdrewFlex WheelerUSA

1996 Mr. Olympia Results
September 21, 1996 at Chicago, Illinois

Dorian was incredible as always. However, Nasser looked awesome and massive, with his back much better than last year. Many people thought Nasser should of been crowned #1. However, the biggest surprise of the night was Shawn Ray's second place finish, over Nasser! Shawn looked incredible! Honestly, the top five place finishers all looked great, and almost everyone said that this was the best Mr. Olympia ever. Judging by how close the results were, I must say that next year Yates will be dethroned as champion. Only later on did we know that Nassar failed the duiretics drug test, and was disqualified (he was in 3rd place that evening). The results were:

1Dorian YatesEngland
2Shawn RayUSA
3Kevin LevroneUSA
4Flex WheelerUSA
5Paul DillettCanada
6Ronnie ColemanUSA
7Chris CormierUSA
8Jean Pierre FuxSwitzerland
9Charles ClairmonteBarbados
10Mike FrancoisUSA
11Aaron BakerUSA
12Roland CziurlokGermany
13Mike MatarazzoUSA
DisqNasser El SonbatyYugoslavia

1995 Mr. Olympia Standings
September 10, 1995 at Atlanta, Georgia

1Dorian YatesEngland
2Kevin LevroneUSA
3Nasser El SonbatyYugoslavia
4Shawn RayUSA
5Vince TaylorUSA
6Chris CormierUSA
7Mike FrancoisUSA
8Flex WheelerUSA
9Aaron BakerUSA
10Charles ClairmonteBarbados
10Ronnie ColemanUSA
12Paul DeMayoUSA
13Sonny SchmidtAustralia
14Ian HarrisonEngland
15Darren CharlesTrinidad
15Paul JablonickyCzech

1994 Mr. Olympia Results

1Dorian YatesEngland
2Shawn RayUSA
3Kevine LevroneUSA
4Paul DillettCanada
5Porter CottrellUSA
6Chris CormierUSA
7Nassar El SonbatyYugoslavia
8Charles ClairmonteBarbados
9Andreas MunzerAustria
10Sonny SchmidtAustralia
11Alq GurleyUSA
12Aaron BakerUSA
13Milos SarcevYugoslavia
14Thierry Pastel
15Ronnie ColemanUSA
16John Sherman
17Achim Albrecht
18Roland Cziurlock
19Samir Bannout
19David Dearth
19Mike Quinn
19Gunter Schlierkamp
19Henderon Thorne

1993 Mr. Olympia Standings
September 11, 1993 at Atlanta, Georgia

1Dorian YatesEngland
2Ken 'Flex' WheelerUSA
3Shawn RayUSA
4Lee LabradaUSA
5Kevin LevroneUSA
6Paul DillettCanada
7Charles ClairmonteBarbados
8Sonny SchmidtAustralia
9Andreas MunzerAustria
10Lou FerrignoUSA
11Milos SarcevYugoslavia
12J.J. MarshUSA
13Flavio BaccianiniItaly
14Ron LoveUSA
15Ray McNeilUSA
16Mauro Sarni
17Hamdullah Aykutlu
18Arthur Buurman
18Pavel Grolmus
18Mike MatarazzoUSA
18Johann Schatz
18John Sherman

1992 Mr. Olympia Standings

1Dorian Yates
2Kevin Levrone
3Lee Labrada
4Shawn Ray
5Mohammed Benaziza
6Vince Taylor
7Sonny Schmidt
8Porter Cottrell
9Ron Love
10Thierry Pastel
11Steve Brisbois
12Lou Ferrigno
13Alq' Gurley
14Henderson Thorne
15Francis Benfatto
16Samir Bannout
16Ronnie Coleman
16Miroslav Diskiewicz
16Jose Guzman
16Johani Herranen
16Patrick Nicholls
16Milos Sarcev

1991 Mr. Olympia Standings

1Lee Haney
2Dorian Yates
3Vince Taylor
4Lee Labrada
5Shawn Ray
6Sonny Schmidt
7Francis Benfatto
8Thierry Pastel
9Achim Albrecht
10Rich Gaspari
11Ron Love
12Bob Paris
13Robby Robinson
14Renel Janvier
15Nimrod King
16Samir Bannout
16Albert Beckles
16Geir Borgen Paulsen
16Joseph Dawson
16Frank Hillebrand
16Pavel Jablonicki
16J.J. Marsh
16Mike Matarazzo
16Andreas Munzer
16Milos Sarcev
16Tom Terwilliger

1990 Mr. Olympia Standings

1Lee Haney
2Lee Labrada
3Shawn Ray
4Mike Christian
5Rich Gaspari
6Francis Benfatto
7Frank Hillebrand
8Samir Bannout
9Andreas Munzer
10Eddie Robinson
11Mike Quinn
12Ron Love
13Jean Luc Favre
14Bernard Sealy

1989 Mr. Olympia Standings

1Lee Haney
2Lee Labrada
3Vince Taylor
4Rich Gaspari
5Mohemmed Benaziza
6Mike Christian
7Mike Quinn
8Brian Buchanan
9Samir Bannout
10Ron Love
11Bertil Fox
12Francis Benfatto
13Andreas Munzer
14Bob Paris
15Albert Beckles
16Armando Defant
16Prem Chand Degra
16Pavel Jablonicki
16Juan Marquez
16Tom Terwilliger
16Dean Tornabene

1988 Mr. Olympia Standings
September 10, 1988 at Los Angeles, California

Over 6,000 fans gathered at the Universal Amphitheater for this event. It was the only Olympia in which the contenders were officially weighed, at a press conference on Thursday, September 8th, 48 hours prior to prejudging. Each entrant has an identical boxing robe as they came in to be weighed, providing a mystique to be procedure.

1Lee Haney243 1/4
2Rich Gaspari209 1/2
3Berry DeMey227
4Lee Labrada176
5Gary Strydom229
6Mike Quinn204
7Brian Buchanan210
8Samir Bannout205
9Ron Love222 1/2
10Bob Paris226
11Mohamed Benaziza188
12Phil Hill222 1/2
13Shawn Ray201 1/2
14Mike Ashley189 1/2
15Al Beckles200
16Ed Kawak215
17Robby Robinson216 1/2
18Peter Hensel240 1/2
19Luiz Freitas219 1/2
20Ralf Moeller288

1987 Mr. Olympia Standings

1Lee Haney
2Rich Gaspari
3Lee Labrada
4Mike Christian
5Robby Robinson
6Berry DeMey
7Albert Beckles
8Eduardo Kawak
9Ron Love
10Michael Ashley
11John Hnatyschak
12Bertil Fox
13Peter Hensel
14Paul Jean-Guillaume
15Josef Grolmus
16Ulf Larsson
17Herman Hoffend
18Steve Brosbois

1986 Mr. Olympia Standings

1Lee Haney
2Rich Gaspari
3Mike Christian
4Albert Beckles
5Berry DeMey
6Peter Hensel
7Bertil Fox
8Ron Love
9John Terelli
10Josef Frolmus
11Tom PLatz
12Jusup Wilkosz
13Eduardo Kawak
14Frank Richard
15Gary Leonard

1985 Mr. Olympia Standings

1Lee Haney
2Al Beckles
3Rich Gaspari
4Mohamed Makkawy
5Mike Christian
6Berry DeMey
7Tom Platz
8Sergio Oliva
9Bob Paris
10Richard Frank
11Bob Birdsong
12Tony Pearson
13Wilfried Sylvester
14John Brown
15Jacques Neuville
16Danny Padilla
17Ali Malla
18Johnny Fuller
19Gerard Buinoud
20Salvador Ruiz
21Appie Steenbeek
22Renato Bertagna
23Sean Jenkins
24Ben Herder

1984 Mr. Olympia Standings

1Lee Haney
2Mohamed Makkawy
3Jusup Wilkosz
4Albert Beckles
5Roy Callender
6Samir Bannout
7Bob Paris
8Sergio Oliva
9Tom Platz
10Bob Birdsong
11Chris Dickerson
12Tony Pearson
13Boyer Coe
14Chuck Williams
15Bill Grant
16Charles Glass
17Robby Robinson
18Hubert Metz
19James Gaubert
20Appie Steenbeek

1983 Mr. Olympia Results
September 24 at Munich, Germany

1Samir Bannout
2Mohamed El Makkaway
3Lee Haney
4Frank Zane
5Bertil Fox
6Jusup Wilkosz
7Albert Beckles
8Johhny Fuller
9Hubert Metz
10Jacques Neuville
11James Gaubert
12Dale Ruplinger
13Gerard Buinoud
14Ed Corney
15Lance Dreher

1982 Mr. Olympia Results

1Chris Dickerson
2Frank Zane
3Casey Viator
4Samir Bannout
5Albert Beckles
6Tom Platz
7Mohamed Makkawy
8Bertil Fox
9Jonny Fuller
10Jusup Wilkosz
11Boyer Coe
12Danny Padilla
13Jacques Nueville
14Dennis Tinerino
15Lance Dreher
16Roger Walker

1981 Mr. Olympia Standings

This was an extremely close finish with five different judges voting for a different person to be #1. It was another year of the comebacks, which some people thought the contest was staged from the start. The judges were Dominic Certo (USA), Doug Evans (Wales), Winston Roberts (Canada), Franco Fassi (Italy), Jim Manion (USA), Jacques Blommaert (Belgium), and Sven-Ole Thorsen (Denmark).

1Franco ColumboUSA
2Chris DickersonUSA
3Tom PlatzUSA
4Roy CallenderCanada
5Danny PadillaUSA
6Jusup WilkoszGermany
7Dennis TinerinoUSA
8Jonny FullerEngland
9Samir BannoutUSA
10Roger WalkerAustralia
11Hubert MetzGermany
12Carlos RodqiguesUSA
13Ed CorneyUSA
14Steve DavisUSA
15Mike KatzUSA
16Ken WallerUSA
17Jorma RatyUSA

1980 Mr. Olympia Standings

Held in the thrilling spectacle of the Sydney Opera House in Australia on Saturday, October 4th. Prejudgin was at 2pm. Bill Pearl was the IFBB Head Judge. It was held on the same weekend as the famous Muhammad Ali - Larry Holmes title fight in Las Vegas, which Ali lost. Arnold entered the contest in the last 24 hours, to the surprise of many, who wondered why would he want to try and destroy his perfect record. After the Olympia, Frank Zane asked Arnold why he came back to compete, and Arnold said "To get back at Mike Menzter and Boyer Coe. To show them they can't get away with knocking me and my training". Arnold wanted to show them that you could go into the Olympia on a very positive note without criticizing others, and win.

Before the contest, an ultimatum, in the form of a petition, signed by all of the competitors, except Arnold, read 'The following Mr. Olympia competitors are in favor of abolishing the two weight classes, and replacing them with one open class." The message in the petition was implicit: one class or no contest! However, Arnold would not budge, and the meeting between the bodybuilders and the judges got quite ugly, almost violent as 15 bodybuilders turned against Arnold. Finally, Joe Weider got involved, talked to Arnold, and Arnold withdrew his objection. The Mr. Olympia event became a one class contest again.

The judges for this contests were Reg Park, Mits Kawashima, Albert Busek, Dan Howard, Brendan Ryan, Jacques Blommaert and Mike Walczak. Before the contest, no one complained about the judges. Afterwards, well.... lets just say this was one of the most controversial Olympias ever. Arnold was not in his best shape, and the 15 other competitors knew it. Even Arnold realized he was only in 90% shape.

When the top five were called out, things started to get bad. Mike Menzter in 5th place. The judges had to be joking. Mike was in the prime of his bodybuilding career, better than last years Olympia. Mike would say later "So ludicrous was the decision that, really; all I could do was laugh. I will tell you, somebody out there really wanted me crushed out completely". Boyer's reaction was a little different. "Is there no justice" Boyer demanded to know as he sent chairs flying into walls. Frank Zane accepted his trophy with a calmer demeanor, yet later shattered his trophy into hundreds of pieces by hurling it to the asphalt of the opera house parking lot. Dickerson accepted second place with a sharp "Oh no", and vanished into the night.

And Arnold. Arnold was booth by over 40% of the 2000 fans in the opera house. All 15 competitors are unanimous in their beleif that slecting Arnold was a bad decision on the part of the judges. Even the CBS Sports crew were shocked, expecting Mike Mentzer as the champion. Even Bill Peark (who did not vote), said he would never have picked Arnold.

1980 Mr. Olympia Results
1Arnold SchwarzeneggerUSA
2Chris DickersonUSA
3Frank ZaneUSA
4Boyer CoeUSA
4Mike MentzerUSA
6Roger WalkerAustralia
7Roy CallenderCanada
8Dennis TinerinoUSA
9Tom PlatzUSA
10Danny PadillaUSA
11Ed CorneyUSA
12Tony EmmottEngland
13Roy DuvalEngland
14Casey ViatorUSA
15Samir BannoutLebanon
16Ken WallerUSA

1979 Mr. Olympia Standings

OverallFrank ZaneUSA
+200lb class1Mike MentzerUSA
2Dennis Tinerino
3Roger Walker
4Roy Callender
5Bob Birdsong
-200lb class1Frank ZaneUSA
2Boyer Coe
3Robby Robinson
4Chris Dickerson
5Danny padilla
6Carlos Rodriguez
7Albert Beckles
8Tom Platz
9Ed Corney
10Steve Davis

1978 Mr. Olympia Standings

OverallFrank ZaneUSA
2Robby Robinson
3Roy Callender
4Boyer Coe
5Kalman Szkalak
6Danny Padilla
7Ed Corney
8Tony Emmott
9Dennis Tinerino
+200lb class1Robby RobinsonUSA
2Roy Callender
3Kalman Szkalak
4Dennis Tinerino
5Roger Walker
-200lb class1Frank ZaneUSA
2Boyer Coe
3Danny Padilla
4Ed Corney
5Tony Emmott
6Mohamed Makkawy
7Bill Grant
8Albert Beckles

1977 Mr. Olympia Standings

OverallFrank ZaneUSA
2Robby Robinson
3Ed Corney
4Boyer Coe
5Ken Waller
6Dennis Tinerino
7Albert Beckles
8Bill Grant
+200lb class1Robby RobinsonUSA
2Ken Waller
3Dennis Tinerino
4Roger Walker
-200lb class1Frank ZaneUSA
2Ed Corney
3Boyer Coe
4Albert Beckles
5Bill Grant

1976 Mr. Olympia Standings

OverallFranco ColumburUSA
+200lb class1Ken WallerUSA
2Mike Katz
-200lb class1Franco ColumbuUSA
2Frank Zane
3Ed Corney
4Bill Grant
5Boyer Coe

1975 Mr. Olympia Standings

OverallArnold SchwarzeneggerUSA
+200lb class1Arnold SchwarzeneggerUSA
2Serge Nubret
3Lou Ferrigno
-200lb class1Franco ColumbuUSA
2Ed Corney
3Albert Beckles
4Frank Zane

1974 Mr. Olympia Standings

This year was the first time that two weight classes were contested at the Mr. Olympia. This two-tier standings would continue until the 1979 season.

OverallArnold SchwarzeneggerUSA
+200lb class1Arnold SchwarzeneggerUSA
2Lou FerrignoUSA
3Serge Nubret
-200lb class1Franco ColumbuUSA
2Frank ZaneUSA

1973 Mr. Olympia Results
1Arnold Schwarzenegger
2Franco Columbu
3Serge Nubret

1972 Mr. Olympia Results
1Arnold Schwarzenegger
2Sergio Oliva
3Serge Nubret
4Frank Zane
5Franco Columbu

1967 Mr. Olympia Results
1Sergio Oliva
2Chuck Sipes
3Harold Poole
4Dave Draper

1966 Mr. Olympia Results
1Larry Scott
2Harold Poole
3Chuck Sipes
3Sergio Oliva

1965 Mr. Olympia Results
1Larry Scott
2Harold Poole
3Earl Maynard

Past Winners of Mr. Olympia

Year HeldThe WinnerContest City
1965Larry ScottNew York
1966Larry ScottNew York
1967Sergio OlivaNew York
1968Sergio OlivaNew York
1969Sergio OlivaNew York
1970Arnold SchwarzeneggerNew York
1971Arnold SchwarzeneggerParis
1972Arnold SchwarzeneggerEssen
1973Arnold SchwarzeneggerNew York
1974Arnold SchwarzeneggerNew York
1975Arnold SchwarzeneggerPretoria
1976Franco ColumbuColumbus
1977Frank ZaneColumbus
1978Frank ZaneColumbus
1979Frank ZaneColumbus
1980Arnold SchwarzeneggerSydney
1981Franco ColumbuColumbus
1982Chris DickersonLondon
1983Samir BannoutMunich
1984Lee HaneyNew York
1985Lee HaneyBrussels
1986Lee HaneyColumbus
1987Lee HaneyGothenburg
1988Lee HaneyLos Angeles
1989Lee HaneyRimini
1990Lee HaneyChicago
1991Lee HaneyOrlando
1992Dorian YatesHelsinki
1993Dorian YatesAtlanta
1994Dorian YatesAtlanta
1995Dorian YatesAtlanta
1996Dorian YatesChicago
1997Dorian YatesLos Angeles
1998Ronnie ColemanNew York
1999Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas
2000Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas
2001Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas
2002Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas
2003Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas
2004Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas
2005Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas
2006Jay CutlerLas Vegas
2007Jay CutlerLas Vegas
2008Dexter JacksonLas Vegas
2009Jay CutlerLas Vegas
2010Jay CutlerLas Vegas
2011Phil HeathLas Vegas
2012Phil HeathLas Vegas
2013Phil HeathLas Vegas
2014Phil HeathLas Vegas
2015Phil HeathLas Vegas
2016Phil HeathLas Vegas
2017Phil HeathLas Vegas
2018Shawn RhodenLas Vegas
2019Brandon CurryLas Vegas
2020Mamdouh (Big Ramy) ElssbiayOrlando
2021Mamdouh (Big Ramy) ElssbiayOrlando
2022Hadi ChoopanLas Vegas
2023Derek LunsfordOrlando