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2014 Ms. Olympia Results
September 20, 2014 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Expo & Orleans Arena)

1Iris Kyle
2Alina Popa
3Debi Laszewski
4Alana Shipp
5Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
6Anne Luise Freitas
7Sheila Bleck
8Jennifer Sedia
9Rita Bello
10Margie Martin
11Christine Envall
12Lisa Giesbrecht
13Simone Oliveira

2013 Ms. Olympia Results
September 27-28, 2013 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Expo & Orleans Arena)

1Iris Kyle
2Alina Popa
3Debi Laszewski
4Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
5Brigita Brezovac
6Juanita Blaino
7Jennifer Abshire
8Monique Jones
9Anne Luise Freitas
10Cathy LeFrancois
11Rita Bello
12Tina Chandler
DNFTammy Jones

2012 Ms. Olympia Results
September 28-29, 2012 at Las Vegas, Nevada (Expo & Orleans Arena)

1Iris KyleUSA6511
2Debi LaszewskiUSA91019
3Yaxeni Oriquen-GarciaVenezuela152439
4Alina PopaSwitzerland 251540
5Brigita BrezovacSlovenia202141
6Sheila BleckUSA353267
7Monique JonesUSA314071
8Anne Luise FreitasBrazil373572
9Michelle CummingsUSA474491
10Sarah HayesUSA5050100
11Kim BuckUSA5455109
12Helle NielsenDenmark6162123
13Lisa GiesbrechtCanada6263125

2011 Ms. Olympia Results
September 16, 2011 at Las Vegas, Nevada

1Iris KyleUSA5510
2Yaxeni Oriquen-GarciaVenezuela111021
3Brigita BrezovacSlovenia171532
4Debi LaszewskiUSA182038
5Alina PopaSwitzerland252550
6Sheila BleckUSA323668
7Kim PerezUSA374077
8Nicole BallCanada423678
9Monique JonesUSA425395
10Tina ChandlerUSA524698
11Kim BuckUSA5251103
12Heather FosterUSA6560125
13Cathy LeFrancoisCanada6269131
14Halle NielsenDenmark7075145
15Skadi Frei-SeifertGermany7372145
16Dayana CadeauCanada7979158
17Mah-Ann MendozaUSA8080160

2010 Ms. Olympia Results
September 24, 2010 at Las Vegas, Nevada

PlaceNameCountryComp #1+24Points
1Iris KyleUSA75510
2Yaxeni Oriquen-GarciaVenezuela11101020
3Debi LaszewskiUSA8151530
4Sheila BleckUSA1202040
5Dayana CadeauUSA4292352
6Heather FosterUSA6302555
7Cathy LeFrancoisCanada93131
8Tina ChandlerUSA54646
9Helen BouchardCanada24646
10Brigita BrezovacSlovenia34949
11Zoa LinseyCanada105050

2009 Ms. Olympia Results
September 25, 2009 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Iris Kyle wins again!

1Iris KyleUSA55515
2Heather ArmbrustUSA10101030
3Debi LaszewskiUSA18151548
4Lisa AuklandUSA18171651
5Yaxeni Oriquen-GarciaVenezuela25242372
6Betty ParisoUSA30292786
7Kristy HawkinsUSA353570
8Dayana CadeauCanada403272
9Betty Viana-AdkinsVenezuela454186
10Tina ChandlerUSA5450104
11Rosemary JenningsUSA5353106
12Nicole BallCanada5848106
13Gale FrankieUSA6259121

2008 Ms. Olympia Results
September 26, 2008 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Iris Kyle wins again!

1Iris KyleUSA105520
2Betty Viana-AdkinsVenezuela32111962
3Yaxeni Oriquen-GarciaVenezuela36191671
4Lisa AuklandUSA36181872
5Dayana CadeauCanada32212174
6Cathy LeFrancoisCanada603130121
7Betty ParisoUSA7035105
8Mah-Ann MendozaUSA8441125
9Jeannie PaparoneUSA8845133
10Jennifer SediaUSA10253155
11Nicole BallCanada11058168
12Branda RaganotUSA12258180
13Deborah BramwellUSA11868186
14Heather ArmbrustUSA13258190
15Rosemary JenningsUSA14872220
16Sherry SmithUSA14677223
17Klaudia LarsonSweden6080240

2007 Ms. Olympia Results
September 28, 2007 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Iris Kyle wins again!

1Iris KyleUSA105520
2Dayana CadeauCanada20121042
3Yaxeni Oriquen-GarciaVenezuela40121668
4Lisa AuklandUSA30202070
5Heather ArmbrustUSA542824106
6Betty ParisoUSA623130123
7Bonny PriestUSA7032102
8Nicole BallCanada8644130
9Sarah DunlapUSA8846134
10Annie RivieccoUSA9848146
11Valentina ChepigaUkraine11052162
12Tazzie ColombUSA12866194
13Mah-Ann MendozaUSA13263195
14Stephanie KesslerUSA13665201
15Antoinette ThompsonUSA14473217

2006 Ms. Olympia Results
September 29, 2006 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Iris Kyle regains the Ms. Olympia title, and queen of the bodybuilding world.

1Iris KyleUSA1052338
2Dayana CadeauCanada20101040
3Annie RivieccioUSA3215552
4Bonny PriestUSA42202890
5Lisa AuklandUSA44252392
6Betty ParisoUSA54281597
7Yaxeni Oriquen-GarciaVenezuela7436110
8Helen BouchardCanada7640116
9Gayle MoherUSA9047137
10Jitka HarazimovaCzech10659165
11Tazzie ColumbUSA10859167
12Heather FosterUSA11854172
13Colette NelsonUSA13054184
14Dena WesterfieldUSA14070210
15Brenda RaganotUSA15075225

2005 Ms. Olympia Results
October 14-15, 2005 at Las Vegas, Nevada (L.V. Expo)

One class this year- one winner - held at the Las Vegas Convention Center Expo. And a new winner.

1Yaxeni OriquenVenezuela565521
2Iris KyleUSA1111101042
3Dayana CadeauCanada2214151566
4Jitka HarazimovaCzech1520212278
5Brenda RagonotUSA22292722100
6Bonny PriestUSA334534112
7Betty VianaVenezuela383540113
8Betty ParisoUSA413646123
9Rosemary JenningsUSA503450134
10Antionette NormanUSA395541135
11Mah-Ann MandozaUSA575361171
12Tonia WilliamsUSA596361183
13Annie RivieccioUSA666356185
14Marja LehtonenFinland706567202
15Desiree EllisCanada717570216

2004 Ms. Olympia Results
October 29, 2004 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Lenda Murray, going for her 9th record win, loses in the Heavyweight class to Iris Kyle.

Iris Kyle
Heavyweights over 135 pounds
1Iris KyleUSA585523
2Lenda MurrayUSA107101037
3Yaxeni OriquenVenezuela1515151560
4Betty Pariso-CarmichaelUSA22222468
5Betty VianaVenezuela23242471
6Lisa AuklandUSA32303294
7Bonny PriestUSA33343299
Lightweights up to 135 pounds
1Dayana CadeauCanada758828
2Denise MasinoUSA8109734
3Marja LehtonenFinland2315201472
4Joanna ThomasEngland373540112
5Desiree EllisCanada22232267
6Mah Ann MendozaPhilippines23302982
7Nancy LewisUSA21212163
8Velentina ChepigaUkraine394136116
9Vilma CaezUSA454440129

2003 Ms. Olympia Results
October 24, 2003 at Las Vegas, Nevada

An amazing record broken. Lenda Murray wins her 8th overall Ms. Olympia title, a new record for all Olympia winners.

Lenda Murray
Heavyweights over 135 pounds
1Lenda MurrayUSA555520
2Iris KyleUSA1110101041
3Yaxeni OriquenVenezuela1415151559
4Betty VianaVenezuela2023272090
5Helle NielsenDenmark3023242097
6Betty ParisoUSA28302820106
7Vickie GatesUSA32353420121
Lightweights up to 135 pounds
1Juliette BergmannHolland5137934
2Dayana CadeauCanada1679638
3Denise MasinoUSA1612141456
4Cathy PriestCanada1520202075
5Angela DebatinBrazil2526252096
6Fannie BarroisVenezuela30313220113
7Kim HarrisUSA35393620130
3Rosemary JenningsUSA40343820132

2002 Ms. Olympia Results
October 18, 2002 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Ok, last years winner was very surprising, but this years, winner, Lenda Murray, comes back from a four year hiatus to win her 7th overall Ms. Olympia title, a new record.

Lenda Murray
Heavyweights over 135 pounds
1Lenda MurrayUSA555520
2Iris KyleUSA1010101040
3Vickie GatesUSA1618181567
4Yaxeni OriquenVenezuela19181754
5Dayana CadeauCanada29252781
6Nancy LewisUSA25302782
7Betty VianaVenezuela353637108
8Beth RobertsUSA403937116
Lightweights up to 135 pounds
1Juliette BergmannHolland555520
2Valentina ChepigaUkraine1014101246
3Fannie BarroisVenezuela1511151354
4Sophie DuquetteCanada20202060
5Angela DebatinBrazil26252677
6Laura CreavalleUSA30312788
7Susanne NeiderhauserAustria333435102

2001 Ms. Olympia Results
October 26, 2001 at Las Vegas, Nevada

In one of the most surprising winners of the Ms. Olympia yet, Juliette Bergmann came from out of nowhere, from last competing over 12 years ago, to conquer the Ms. Olympia title.

Juliette Bergmann
Heavyweights over 135 pounds
1Iris KyleUSA18514643
2Vickie GatesUSA514131143
3Yaxeni OriquenVenezuela1511141454
4Valentina ChepigaUkraine1224743
5Lesa LewisUSA25222572
6Betty ParisoUSA30283088
7Heather FosterUSA353535105
Lightweights up to 135 pounds
1Juliette BergmannHolland555520
2Andrulla BlanchetteEngland1010101040
3Dayana CadeauCanada1515181563
4Brenda RaganotUSA20201757
5Gayle MoherEngland27282681
6Renee CasellaUSA343432100
7Kim HarrisUSA314035106
8Fannie BarroisVenezuela422938109
9Angela DeBatinBrazil484443135
10Joanna ThomasEngland465049145

Call Outs from Round One: Lightweights

Cadeau - Blachette - Bergman
Raganot - Blachette - Moher
Casella - Raganot - Harris
Debatin - Barios - Thomas
Bergman - Harris - Blanchette
Casella - Debatin - Thomas
Raganot - Moher - Harris
Barrios - Moher - Cadeau
Harris - Moher - Casella
Bergman - Blachette
Cadaeu - Bergman - Blanchette

Call Outs from Round Two: Lightweights

Cadeau - Blachette - Bergman
Casella - Cadeau - Raganot
Casella - Moher - Barrios
Thomas - Harris - Debatin
Debatin - Raganot - Moher

Call Outs from Round One: Heavyweights

Chepiga - Gates - Lewis
Kyle - Oriquen - Lewis
Foster - Pariso - Lewis
Gates - Oriquen - Kyle

Call Outs from Round Two: Heavyweights

Oriquen - Gates - Kyle
Lewis - Chepiga - Pariso
Gates - Kyle - Oriquen
Chepiga - Kyle - Oriquen

2000 Ms. Olympia Results
October 21, 2000 at Las Vegas, Nevada

No doubt the judging were penalizing hardcore bodies in this years events. They wanted the bodybuilder who was the most all overall around. With no overall winner, we now have two new Ms. Olympias for 2000, Valentina Chepiga and Andrulla Blacnchette.

Heavyweights over 135 pounds
1Valentina ChepigaUkraine655521
2Vickie GatesUSA910101039
3Lesa LewisUSA1515151560
4Yaxeni OriquenVenezuela21212466
5Iris KyleUSA25242271
6Denise HosherUSA29303089
7Th-resa BostickUSA353535105
Lightweights up to 135 pounds
1Andrulla BlanchetteEngland1059933
2Brenda RaganotUSA513121242
3Renee CasellaUSA1512121251
4Cathy LeFrancois PriestCanada20202060
5Jennifer McVicarUSA25252574

1999 Ms. Olympia Results
October 2, 1999 at Secaucus, New Jersey

1Kim ChizevskyUSA
2Vicky GatesUSA
3Laura CreavalleUSA
4Iris KyleUSA
5Lesa LewisUSA
6Tazzie ColombUSA
7Andrulla BlanchetteEngland
8Laura BinettiCanada
9Brenda ReganotUSA
10Yaxeni OriquenVenezuela
11Gayle MoherUSA
12Valentina ChepigaUkraine

1998 Ms. Olympia Results
October 24, 1998 at Prague, Czech

1Kim ChizevskyUSA555520
2Yolanda HughesUSA1511101147
3Vicky Gates-LewisUSA1814171463
5Lesa LewisUSA1620252384
5Laura CreavalleUSA2325182187
6Andrulla BlanchetteEngland31303230123
7Jitka HarizomovaCzech344136111
8Eva SukupovaCzech474349139
9Chris BongiovanniUSA514947147
10Yaxeni OriquenVenezuela544746147
11Gayle MoherUSA425158151
12Valentina ChepigaUkraine656055180
13Zdenka TurdaCzech636771201
14Dayana CadeauCanada676870205
15Jackie DeGennaroBelgium726971212
16Beate DrablingAustria777669222
17Sipka BerskaYugoslavia858585255

1997 Ms. Olympia Results
November 22, 1997 at New York, New York

1Kim ChizevskyUSA
2Lenda MurrayUSA
3Yolanda HughesUSA
4Laura CreavalleUSA
5Vicky Gates-LewisUSA
6Jitka HarizomovaCzech
7Andrulla BlanchetteEngland
8Chris BongiovanniUSA
9Sue MyersUSA
10Nancy LewisUSA
11Melissa CoatesCanada
12Gayle MoherUSA
13Laura BinettiCanada
14Nicole BassUSA
15Valerie GangiUSA
16Eva SukupovaCzech
17Tazzie ColumbUSA
18Zdenka TurdaCzech

1996 Ms. Olympia Results
September 20, 1996 at Chicago, Illinois

In a stunning, completely unpolitical move, the judges crowned Kim Chizevsky over Lenda Murray as the new Ms. Olympia, ending Ms. Murray's reign! It was an incredible contest, with Natlia Murnikoviene emerging as an incredible contender in upcoming contests! Here are the final results of the competition.

1Kim ChizevskyUSA
2Lenda MurrayUSA
3Natalia MurnikovieneLithuania
4Laura CreavalleUSA
5Vicky Gates-LewisUSA
6Nancy LewisUSA
7Eva SukudovaCzech
8Andrulla BlanchetteEngland
9Melissa CoatesCanada
10Sue MeyersUSA
11Joanne LeeEngland
12Beatrix GluckGermany

1995 Ms. Olympia Results
September 9, 1995 at Atlanta, Georgia

1Lenda MurrayUSA
2Kim ChizevskyUSA
3Natalia MurnikovieneLithuania
4Sue PriceUSA
5Laura CreavalleUSA
6Debbie MuggliUSA
7Joanne LeeEngland
8Michele Ralabate>USA
9Eva SukudovaCzech
10Nancy LewisUSA
10Yolanda HughesUSA
12Laura BinettiCanada
13Marie MahabirFrance
14Muriane NicolasFrance

1994 Ms. Olympia Results

1Lenda Murray
2Laura Creavalle
3Debbie Muggli
4Marie Mahabir
5Audrey Harris-White
6Sue Price
7Drorit Kernes
8Yolanda Hughes
9Muriane Nicolas
10Diana Dennis
11Laura Binetti
12Christa Bauch
13Eva Sukupova
14Sabine Froschauer
15Gabriella Spuhn
16Fredrique Auchart
16Veronique Gady
16Sharon Bruneau
16Nuria Sala

1993 Ms. Olympia Results
November 27th, 1993 at New York, New York

1Lenda Murray
2Denise Rutkowski
3Laura Crevalle
4Debbie Muggli
5Kim Chizevsky
6Sandy Riddell
7Shelley Beattie
8Sharon Marvel
9Audrey Harris
10Sharon Bruneau
11Yolanda Hughes
12Paula Bircumshaw
13Nancy Lewis
14Nikki Fuller
15Diana Dennis
16Marie Mahabir
17Laura Binetti
18Christa Bauch
19Diana Gimmler
19Zuzana Korinkova
19Loretta Lomax
19Astrid Falconi
19Eva Sukupova
19Janet Marchi
19Kimberly Jones
19Mary Ellen Warman
19Yurie Iijima
19Anita Gandol
19Meral Ertunc
19Kathy Unger
19Laura Vukov
19Carol Exbrayat

1992 Ms. Olympia Results

1Lenda Murray
2Laura Crevalle
3Shelley Beattie
4Sandy Riddell
5Diana Dennis
6Anja Schreiner
7Claudia Montemaggi
8Yolanda Hughes
9Nikki Fuller
10Debbie Muggli
11Sharon Bruneau
12Sue Gafner
13Sharon Marvel
14Nancy Lewis
15Audrey Harris
16Gabriella Szikszay
17Sandra Blackie
18Diana Gimmler
19Skye Ryland
20Eva Sukupova

1991 Ms. Olympia Results

1Lenda Murray
2Bev Francis
3Laura Creavalle
4Sandy Riddell
5Sharon Marvel
6Diana Dennis
7Shelley Beattie
8Anja Schreiner
9Claudia Montemaggi
10Sue Gafner
11Jackie Paisley
12Marie Mahabir
13Hannie Van Aken
14Claudia Profanter
15Lisa Lorio

1990 Ms. Olympia Results

1Lenda Murray
2Bev Francis
3Anja Schreiner
4Laura Creavalle
5Jackie Paisley
6Sharon Arrildt (Marvel)
7Diana Dennis
8Marie Mahabir
9Claudia Profanter
10Hannie Van Aken
11Lisa Lorio
12Susanne Steurer
13Kathy Unger
14Janet Tech
15Gillian Hodge
16Dorothy Herndon
16Dona Oliviera
17Sandra Blackie
17Gloria Bouvier
17Carolyn Ervin
17Janice Graser
17Negrita Jayde
17Lynn Lemieux
17Debbie McKnight
17Penny Price
17Ana Sanchez
17Tatjana Scholl
17Eleonore Urbanski
17Mary Ellen Warman

1989 Ms. Olympia Results

1Corinna (Cory) Everson
2Sandy Riddell
3Bev Francis
4Jackie Paisley
5Ellen Van Maris
6Laura Creavelle
7Diana Dennis
8Marjo Selin
9Marie Laure Mahabir
10Janet Tech
11Claudia Profanter
12Dona Oliviera
13Laura Beaudry
14Dorothy Herndon
15Lisa Lorio
16Lynn Lemieux
17Renate Holland
18Ina Lopulissa

1988 Ms. Olympia Results

1Corinna (Cory) Everson
2Anja Langer
3Bev Francis
4*Tonya Knight
5Ellen Van Maris
6Marjo Selin
7 Dona Oliviera
8Janet Tech
9Renate Holland
10Carla Dunlap
11Laura Creavelle
12Renee Casella
13Juliette Bergmann
14Janice Ragain
15Joy Nichols
16Cathey Palyo
17Veronica Dahlen

Tonya Knight was disqualified after the IFBB
learned that someone had taken her drug test
for her during the contest.

1987 Ms. Olympia Results

1Corinna (Cory) Everson
2Ellen Van Maris
3Bev Francis
4Anja Langer
5Mary Roberts
6Marjo Selin
7Janice Ragain
8Diana Dennis
9Juliette Bergmann
10Renate Holland
11Sue Ann McKean
12Carla Dunlap
13Dominique Darde
14Cathey Palyo
15Maria Concetta Serio
16Gundi Froder

1986 Ms. Olympia Results

1Corinna (Cory) Everson
2Clare Furr
3Ellen Van Maris
4Diana Dennis
5Mary Roberts
6Juliette Bergmann
7Sue Ann McKean
8Janice Ragain
9Carla Dunlap
10Bev Francis
11Erika Geisen
12Marjo Selin
13Dawn Marie Gnaegi
14Susie Jaso
15Penny Price
16Dominique Darde
17Dona Oliviera

1985 Ms. Olympia Results

1Corinna (Cory) Everson
2Mary Roberts
3Diana Dennis
4Carla Dunlap
5Clare Furr
6Tina Plakinger
7Ellen Van Maris
8Gladys Portugues
9Lori Bowen-Rice
10Marjo Selin
11Dinah Anderson
12Vera Bendal
13Kay Baxter
14Erica Mes
15Juliette Bergmann
16Lynn Conkwright
17Dona Oliveira
18Joy Nichols
19Lynne Pirie
20Carloyn Cheshire
21Anita Gandol,
22Kris Alexander
23Lydia Cheng

1984 Ms. Olympia Results

1Corinna (Cory) Everson
2Rachel McLish
3Mary Roberts
4Carla Dunlap
5Carla Temple
6Clare Furr
7Gladys Portugues
8Lynn Conkright
9Ellen Van Maris
10Dinah Anderson
11Tina Plakinger
12Erika Mes
13Candy Csensits
14Marjo Selin
15Inger Zetterqvist
16Kay Baxter
16Susan Roberts
16Carolyn Cheshire
16Lisser Frost Larsen
16Holly Buss
16Josee Baumgartner
16Carina Johansson
16Joy Nichols
16Lydia Cheng

1983 Ms. Olympia Results
October 22, 1983 at Warminster, Pennslyvania

1Carla Dunlap
2Candy Csensits
3Inger Zetterqvist
4Lynn Conkwright
5Kike Elomaa
6Lisser Frost Larsen
7Carolyn Cheshire
8Deborah Diana
9Marjo Selin
10Kay Baxter
11Anita Gandol
12Sherry Atton
13Georgia Fudge
14Melinda Perper
15Corinne Machado-Ching
16Kathy Ruth
17Patsy Chapman

1982 Ms. Olympia Results

1Rachel McLishUSA
2Carla Dunlap
3Kike ElomaaFinland
4Lynn ConkwrightUSA
5Deborah Diana
6Laura CombesUSA
7Candy CsencsitsUSA
8Kay Baxter
9Lisser Frost-Larsen
9Sherry Atton
11Georgia FudgeUSA
12Shelly Gruwell
13Corinne Machado-ChingUSA
14Carolyn Cheshire
15Marie Frances MisatGuadeloupe
16Jacquueline Roos
17Claudia Wilbourn
18Marjo Selin
19Patsy Chapman
19Cathy Chang
19Laura Davies
19Anita Gandol
19Susan Koch
19Kazuko Nakao
19Kyle NewmanUSA
19Lena Trulsson

1981 Ms. Olympia Results
Held on August 22, 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1Kike ElomaaFinland
2Rachel McLishUSA
3Lynn ConkwrightUSA
4Laura CombesUSA
5Georgia FudgeUSA
6Candy CsencsitsUSA
7Corinne Machado-ChingUSA
7Marie Frances MisatGuadeloupe
9Anita GandolUSA
10Melinda PerperUSA
11Kyle NewmanUSA
12Karen WainwrightUSA
13Ellen DavisUSA
13April NicotraUSA
15Astrid AschwenderSwitzerland
16Vera BendelGermany
17Donna FrameUSA
18Carolyn CheshireEngland
19Debbie LemmelUSA
20Lorie JohnstonUSA

1980 Ms. Olympia Results

1Rachel McLishUSA
2Auby Paulick
3Lynn ConkwrightUSA
4Corinne Machado-ChingUSA
5Stacey Bentley
6Suzy Green
7Patsy Chapman
8Kyle NewmanUSA
9Cammie Lusko
10Georgia FudgeUSA
11Mimi Rivest
12April NicotraUSA
13Carolyn CheshireEngland
13Sandy Conners
15Lorie JohnstonUSA
16Anniqa Fors
17Lenore Clark
18Donna Simms
19Lynda Johnson
20Kellie Everts

Past Winners of Ms. Olympia

1980Rachel McLishPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
1981Kike ElomaaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
1982Rachel McLishAtlantic City, New Jersey
1983Carla DunlapWarmister, Pennsylvania
1984Cory EversonMontreal, Canada
1985Cory EversonNew York, New York
1986Cory EversonNew York, New York
1987Cory EversonNew York, New York
1988Cory EversonNew York, New York
1989Cory EversonNew York, New York
1990Lenda MurrayNew York, New York
1991Lenda MurrayLos Angeles, California
1992Lenda MurrayChicago, Illinois
1993Lenda MurrayNew York, New York
1994Lenda MurrayAtlanta, Georgia
1995Lenda MurrayAtlanta, Georgia
1996Kim ChizevskyChicago, Illinois
1997Kim ChizevskyNew York, New York
1998Kim ChizevskyPrague, Czech
1999Kim ChizevskySecaucus, New Jersey
2000Valentina Chepiga (HW)
Andrulla Blanchette (LW)
Las Vegas, Nevada
2001Julliete BergmanLas Vegas, Nevada
2002Lenda MurrayLas Vegas, Nevada
2003Lenda MurrayLas Vegas, Nevada
2004Iris KyleLas Vegas, Nevada
2005Yaxeni OriquenLas Vegas, Nevada
2006Iris KyleLas Vegas, Nevada
2007Iris KyleLas Vegas, Nevada
2008Iris KyleLas Vegas, Nevada
2009Iris KyleLas Vegas, Nevada
2010Iris KyleLas Vegas, Nevada
2011Iris KyleLas Vegas, Nevada
2012Iris KyleLas Vegas, Nevada
2013Iris KyleLas Vegas, Nevada
2014Iris KyleLas Vegas, Nevada