Contest Results

2011 IFBB Border States Pro Figure
October 29, 2011 at San Diego, California
(Scottish Rite Auditorium)

For the second year in a row, Teresa Anthony came to town and left with another pro win for her! Krissy Chin and Jami DeBernard also notched a 2012 Olympia qualification here in San Diego! Here are the results.

1Teresa Anthony3
2Krissy Chin6
3Jami DeBernard9
4Natalie Waples12
5Crystal Chiles17
6Candice Lewis18
7Allison Frahn20
8Meriza DeGuzman-Ciccoine24
9Rosalind Vanterpool27
10Deborah Denio28
11Jaime Cash31
12Rachel LeBlanc32
13Melanie Burger37
14Tracey MacDonald42
15Janet Lynn West42
16Marlene Koekemoer48
16Sara Picken-Brown48

2010 IFBB Border States Pro Figure
October 30, 2010 at San Diego, California
(Scottish Rite Auditorium)

Teresa Anthony won this pro show, against a powerful Felicia Romero (who had a television crew following her here), and an emotional Ava Cowan (who finally earned the right to compete in the 2011 Figure Olympia!) Deena Walsha looked great her in her pro debut, and this was the best I have see of Kristin Nunn in a while. Congratulations!

1Teresa AnthonyUSA15
2Felicia RomeroUSA157
3Ava CowanUSA711
4Deena WalshUSA1913
5Kristin NunnUSA1216
6Crystal ChilesUSA520
7Natalie WaplesCanada2025
8Sabrina TaylorUSA1826
9Carin HawkinsUSA827
10Michelle BatesUSA334
11Krissy ChinUSA635
12Amy Lee MartinUSA1036
13Kiana PhiUSA1442
14Shala SingerUSA1644
15Julia AragonUSA244
16Melanie BurgerUSA448
16Mandy HendersonUSA949
16Christina MehlingCanada1149
16Mindi O’BrienCanada1349
16Masae TagamiJapan1749

2009 IFBB Border States Pro Figure
October 17, 2009 at San Diego, California

CountryRd 1Rd 2Total
1Felicia Romero12USA448
2Kristi Tauti14USA5510
3Krissy Chin2USA101222
4Kristin Nunn9USA131225
5Akane Nigro-Ismeal8USA141428
6April Rountree13USA181735
7Carin Hawkins7USA212142
8Meriza DeGuzman3USA202343
9Ann Titone15USA313364
10Sabrina Gibson5USA383068
11Christina Vargas17USA343872
12Jennifer Dejoya4USA334073
13Crystal Chiles1USA383876
14Stephanie Togrul16USA423880
15Valerie Gangi5USA464086
16Ann Pratt10USA434487
17Maria Del Consuelo Rojas11Mexico514697