1999 Fitness America Pageant National Championships
November 20, 1999 at Redondo Beach, California

This was the 10th year of this contest.

1Ruscha Kouril17.40
2Erica White18.75
3Julie Shipley27.25
4Cynthia Hill31.70
5Ildiko Szekeres34.35
6Katie Uter33.30
7Melissa Hall36.00
8Amy Van Hook38.25
9Erin Gannon43.65
10Robin Schaefer50.40
11Gabrielle Resnick54.45
12Miho Araki 55.35
13Sherlyn Roy55.35
14Kimberly Lyons57.15
14Kristina Marosherizi57.15
16Joanne Tull57.60
17Carolyn Evans67.05
18Lori Colognesi68.85
19Obi Linda Okwor69.30
20Suhalia Madison74.25

1998 Fitness America Pageant National Championships
November 21, 1998 at Redondo Beach, California

This was the 9th year of this contest. For the first time in the decade-plus history of women's fitness pageants, a mother has won a major fitness title, marking a precedent in the tradition of this exciting sport.

It was the largest Fitness America Pageant - ESPN National Championships ever, and the largest fitness competition of any kind. Nearly 120 of the best fitness women from the United States, Canada, even as far away as Japan and Hungary came to Redondo Beach to compete. This, despite a tightening of qualifying standards for the 1998 season. A sold-out audience of 1,500 was on hand to watch what America now recognizes as the top fitness contest.

1Tanya Carlson-Merryman
2Erika White
3Cathy Miller
4Kari Hohman
5Julie Shipley
6Kelly Gignilliat
7Miho Araki
8Amy Van Hook
8Melissa Hall
10Heather Martin
11Katie Uter
12Susanne Honda
12Erika Meyer
14Wendy Rivers
15Mary Mota
16Lisa Graham
17Stephanie Hilton
18Leslie Garabedian
19Linda Okwor
19Anna Merchan

1997 Fitness America Pageant National Championships
November 22, 1997 at Redondo Beach, California

This was the 8th year of this contest, complete with a sold out 1,500 fans at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. There were more than 100 competitors for this event. Judging for this event, which will be televised on ESPIN, were Los Angeles Laker Girl choreographer Lisa Estrada, KSA Sports Talent Agent Michael Daly; "Pumping Iron" producer Jerome Gary; KLSX radio personality The Nasty Man; Director of Sports Management for the Bobby Ball Agency Matt Terry, and Andrea Ambados, producer of "Crunch Fitness" on ESPN 2 as well as the best-selling video series, "Buns of Steel."

1Tsianina Joelson
2 Lisa Uzzle
3Cynthia Hill
4Thais Cregan
5Erika White
6Kari Hohman
7Kelly Gignilliant
8Pam Burkhalter
9Amy Van Hook
10Shanda Ferry
11Susanne O’Sullivan-Honda
12Mickey Taylor
13Luciana Mendonca
14Mary Mota
15Jennifer Dagnan
16Julie Shipley
17Jennifer Herpok
18Kristi Baxle
19Tammie Hopkins-Leady
20Lisa Graham

1996 Fitness America Pageant National Championships
November 23, 1996 at Redondo Beach, California

Overall Standings
1Kelly Ryan
2Luciana Mendonca
3Erika White
4Pam Burkhalter
5Michelle Greer
6Sylvianne Chapaulouc
7Wendy Traskos
8Vicki Anderson
9Charlene Rink
10Nancy Georges
11Ilana Arzt
12Cynthia Hill
13Shamin DePilla
14Katie Settoon
14Tammy Gowens
16Amy Zych
17Terri Phippen
18Martha Lombardo
19Michelle LeBrett
20Tanya Carlson

1995 Fitness America Pageant National Championships
November 16, 1995 at Redondo Beach, California

Overall Standings
1Amy Fadhli
2Vicki Anderson
3Candice Head
4Kelly Gignilliat
5Annette Blondeau
6Kim Peterson
6Kelly Ryan
8Kathy Jonske
9Amy Zych
10Kerry Smith
11Pam Burkhalter
12Donna Hallman
13Michele LeBrett
14Leslie Hills
15Michele Waitman
16Jennifer Ermish
16Samantha Williams
18April Liquori
19Brenda Wassell
20Angela Warren

1994 Fitness America Pageant National Championships
November 19, 1994 at Redondo Beach, California

Overall Standings
1Madonna Grimes
2Amy Fadhli
3Candice Head
4Maria Gonzales
5Amy Stanfil-Zych
6Hope Lane
7Lovena Tuley
8Kimiko Tanaka
9Suzie Duby
10Jennifer Dawson
11Pepper Ferry
12Kim Peterson
13Pam Burkhalter
14Kelly Gignilliat
15Jessica Sekez
16Annette Blondeau
16Karren Madden
18Donna Hallman
19Kathy Jonske
20Jackie Wang
21Michelle Talboo
22Dana Dodson
23June Munroe
24Kerry Smith
25Lennon Gardner
26Kammy Moreno
27Themis Klarides
28Shana Sable
29Samantha Williams
30Jackie Watson

1993 Fitness America Pageant National Championships

Overall Standings
1Mia Finnegan
2Maria Gonzales
3Ruby Hudson
4Shannon Hall
5Suzie Duby
6Renita Harris
7Julie Bourque
8Kathy Jonske
9Amy Fadhli
10Kim Peterson
11Vera Balogh
12Jessica Sale
13Barbara Allison
14Sherilyn Godreau
15Janet Tarnowsky
16Pam Busch
17Dawan Mazzu
18Julie Kitchings-Glenn
19Anela Villa
20Denise Paglia

Past Winners of the Fitness America Pageant

1998Tanya Carlson-Merryman
1997Tsianina Joelson
1996Kelly Ryan
1995Amy Fadhli
1994Madonna Grimes
1993Mia Finnegan
1992Laurie Donnelly
1991Sherry Goggin-Giardina
1989Leslie Bianchi