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I have no "beef" with you but notice you are not only outspoken but very "agro" with your responses on this board. I also understand you live in Toronto, one of the highest gay populations in the world.
Did living in Toronto affect the way you act towards gays and other people that don't fit your frame?

I ask this because bodybuilding can be very tricky, men oiled up, working out all sweaty, photos of men in different poses, bikini/speedo style trunks leaving nothing to the imagination.

If you are so turned off by gays, why do you associate with a sport that attracts and has so many?

Thank you and I await your response.

STAY POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does "agro" mean?


--- Quote from: IroNat on January 15, 2023, 03:47:45 PM ---What does "agro" mean?

--- End quote ---

Aggressive maybe? No clue just guessing. With the o though prob not.

Pretty stupid questions to fortress to be honest.


--- Quote from: robcguns on January 15, 2023, 03:50:48 PM ---Aggressive maybe? No clue just guessing. With the o though prob not.

Pretty stupid questions to fortress to be honest.

--- End quote ---

Google is your friend.

Why is it "stupid"?

Are you on the spectrum?

Here is a man or whatever he is...I'm guessing he is, that uses derogatory terms regarding the homosexuals. BUT...he is involved in a sport that is "drenched" in homosexuals.  This is a great question.

Why is it a great question you ask?

Well, what does, oiled up, muscle hunks, speedo wearing, budge showing, gay for pay (some) have to do with attracting gays?

You would think he would be very tolerant of gays, but he isn't.

So there...I spoon fed you why it's a very good question.

STAY POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toronto is my hometown, yeah. 

My attraction to bodybuilding has always been size and strength. Even as an aspiring competitor, my approach was always “power bodybuilding”. David and Peter Paul, The Barbarians, are my earliest inspirations.

As a heterosexual, the phaggot component didn’t register until years later, to be honest.

Anyway, my own pursuits, in weight-training, eventually transitioned to powerlifting, and then, now, back to just intense and basic resistance exercise.

I don’t hate fairies.

But the mandate from the Gay Mafia to push gay crap into everyone’s face, and to generally pervert everyone and everything with the LGBTFESAWENJUHYGTFREDSE++//*%]~>£QPP nonsense, has resulted in my firm stance to dutifully and honourably act as a direct, and equally intense, opposition.

The more the Left pushes, the more forcefully Fortress will return fire.

This is Clown World.

Fortress is ENEMY. 


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