Author Topic: WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2022 - QUEEN SHARMELL?? (That is not a typo)!!  (Read 956 times)


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Do not adjust your screen. Booker T's (excuse me, KING BOOKAH'S) wife is going to the Hall.

I do not get this one at all. Torrie Wilson was a stretch three years ago. But, at least she was a full-time wrestler. Sharmell was mainly a manager and the only people I remember her managing, other than her hubby, was some goof name Kwee-Wee in WCW. Prior to that, she was a Nitro Girl.

Granted, she did manage Booker to a US title, King of the Ring, and (of course) the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE.

But, Hall of Fame?


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What a great speech by the Undertaker....unbelievab le. He couldn't talk for 10 minutes. Only one other wrestler got that pop and it was Hogan. I'm surprised the Steiners went in. We all seen Scott and his rants on WWE and the HOF. They must have paid them HUGE to induct. Great speeches over all by all parties but Taker took the cake.